StartEngine Raises That Intrigue Us - June 2024

This is NOT investment advice.  Investing in startups is risky whether it is via StartEngine or any of the other platforms.  Liquidity may or may not be an option for an extended period of time. 

Let's see if we can toss out a few names on a monthly basis for people to debate and evaluate and see if this is useful.  At times, we have only one name or zero. 

The types of firms that typically catch our attention are generally based on seeking a potential "bet a little, win a lot" approach where we seek potential "winner takes all or most" outcomes.  We tend to focus on those and avoid battles with low barriers to entry UNLESS the firm is simply executing at a very high level and clearly advancing to a few different potential exits. 

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Here is what made it through our screening.  We committed to screening these monthly and this is the result of the screening for this month.  Some of these are repeat names, and that is the way it is.  We don't chase new ones simply to pull the trigger.  We would rather add to winners. 

Perhaps a little blurb about what we will not invest in could be helpful.  When seeking a potential "winner takes all" and vice grip lock on certain economic value, we try to be very strict.  We have to feel it and understand it.  If we don't "get it" in terms of how and why the pieces fit together, then we pass.  This can happen frequently with tech, biotech, medical, and retail.  We aren't smart enough to know all of these details for each industry and products.  If we can't connect all the dots we pass.  If the business relies on hype and marketing we pass. 

AtomBeam - We've commented extensively already about this opportunity.  Our entry is 8M.  A+ on the way.  CEO says Space Force and Air Force begging them to hustle through Phase II stuff to get the money for Phase III.  Phase III's can be $15M+ EACH.  SaaS for commercial use soon.  Reservations have exceeded $6M for this upcoming A+, and the CEO indicated large investors/groups might be active in this round as well.  Biggest round ever on StartEngine?

AtomBeam apparently has several pending updates so we will likely update this after publishing. 

Here is a note sent out by the CEO:

Greetings, everyone!

Here is a short update on Atombeam doings over the past couple of weeks. It was as usual, a frantically busy, but I am very happy with where we are. A lot of sausage is being made, which I know is a bit boring, but essential to revenue with a deep tech product like Neurpac, our primary focus to get revenue going.

  • I went to Singapore during the last week of May to meet with our satellite terminal partners, AddValue, a major supplier to Viasat IoT customers. We have CEO level commitment from them to integrate Neurpac – they are super enthused. I also attended the biggest satellite show in Asia (maybe the biggest, period – it was big) and also had lunch with about 20 family office investors. All went super well.

  • We had a booth at the big IoT tradeshow, TechExpo 2024. See the pic below – great booth, great location, thanks to our terrific marketing team. We were mobbed nonstop – 270 leads, and the CRO thinks about 50% are serious. Honestly, dealing with all these prospects is going to be a challenge.

  • I am sitting in the room right now where we just finished our senior management offsite – two intense days. It was very, very good. What a great team we have – these guys have all done this kind of thing before, and know what to do to make Neurpac an enterprise level product that is being used by big commercial customers. I am pooped, but I am even more excited about what we are doing and who we have doing it. You should be, too – you have the A-Team working for you on some of the most exciting products in tech.


TimePlast - A+ looming.  Here is an update:

Key Updates:

1. Timeplast launches two products:

We are thrilled to announce the addition of two innovative products to our existing lineup in our online store: Timeplast Plus and Time-Wrap. Both products are designed with sustainability in mind and are available in three tailored variations to meet diverse environmental needs:

  • Active: Quickly dissolves in water.
  • Extended: Slowly dissolves in water.
  • Passive: Designed to dissolve over many years.

Timeplast Plus represents a monumental advancement in material science. It is a new copolymer integrated with calcium carbonate, specifically engineered to replace plastics requiring higher stiffness and density. This achievement is particularly significant given the complexity involved in creating a material that is essentially 25% rock while still retaining the properties of thermoplastics. 

These variations not only cater to diverse needs but also significantly advance our mission of providing innovative, sustainable solutions to contemporary environmental challenges.

2. Purchase and Construction of Extrusion Machinery:

We have made significant strides in the development of our new product, Time-straw, with the purchase and construction of essential extrusion machinery. This is a critical step in advancing our product offerings and enhancing our production capabilities.

3. Pre-Analysis Completed at TUV Austria:

We have successfully concluded marine biodegradation studies at TUV Austria. This pre-analysis is a crucial step in validating the environmental benefits of our products.

4. Desplastificators Merchandise Development:

Soon, you will be able to purchase Desplastificator t-shirts from Timeplast. This merchandise aims to raise awareness and support our initiatives towards reducing plastic waste.

5. Audit Successfully Completed:

We have finalized our audit process, ensuring transparency and accountability in our operations. This accomplishment strengthens our foundation for future growth.

6. Final Preparations for Our REG-A Launch:

We are in the last stages of preparation for our REG-A launch. This significant step will enable us to raise capital and expand our impact in the market.

7. Development of Timeplast RAW User Manual:

Development of the Timeplast Raw User Manual as an essential guide for effectively utilizing Timeplast Raw, a revolutionary material in plastic product manufacturing. This manual showcases the versatility of Timeplast Raw, demonstrating its capability to be used across all conventional plastic formation processes. From injection molding to extrusion, this comprehensive guide provides detailed instructions, ensuring smooth implementation and optimal results. The manual not only facilitates the technical application of Timeplast Raw but also emphasizes its environmental benefits, making it a critical resource for businesses aiming to innovate sustainably.

Your continued support and belief in Timeplast's vision are vital as we navigate these exciting times. We are committed to delivering sustainable solutions and driving positive change in the industry. Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to sharing more successes with you in the coming months.

MoonStone Nutrition - New one. 

Full Disclosure: We are NOT long this entity currently.  This is an example of a new one and how we would look at it as there are compelling reasons to evaluate this in our humble view.


- problem, and they have a or is it THE solution?  Not smart enough to know.  Kidney Stones OUCH! OTC solution that works YES!

- already moving along very nicely

- conceivably could dominate if they got full distribution and marketing across all top markets

- EXIT entirely plausible if they dominate category and a bigger player gobbles them up


- what else?  OTC has pricing power limitations. 

- how much will it cost to get this out there across the globe and with OTC price points how does this flesh out over an extended timeline?

A lot more goes into it beyond what is shown here but these are kind of broad things we look at and ask ourselves HOW and WHY it could or could not play out and generate potential returns that hit our metrics. 


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