solana scam

So Long Solana

By davidgyoung | Alternative Investing | 21 Jun 2022

We used to think Cardano would be the first very high profile copycat scam chain to implode under it's own weight.  There was something extra scammy about the scamminess of Cardano that caught our eye, perhaps almost as much as the scam of all scams . . . . . Ripple.  However, we might be wrong.  The lovely Solana seems headed that way right now.

Now the latest is that a Solana dapp DAO was voting to force a whale to do or not do a particular thing in order to protect what it saw as the greater good.  All we see are more massive governance issues, centralization, and more shitcoin shitcoining.  It also reminds us of when in 2016 Emperor Vitalik and some others unraveled a DAO to erase history . . . . . but oh look over there nothing to see here with the centralized Ethereum. 

Centralization.  Hacks.  Errors in code.  Central points of failure.  Charlatans.  Relentless hype on the crypto Twit and elsewhere with dubious promotional tactics.  VCs pumping their bags at your expense.  At some point we would think people really wake up, especially since these junk chains were never intended as a SOV.  For what are you holding on? 

solana scam

Perfect round trip, but yeah the VCs are real interested in building long term value and a thriving community:

solana pump and dump

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