Checking In On Tezotopia

This article takes another look at Tezotopia and follows up on a couple of previous pieces:

Economics of Tezotopia: Tezotops

What Is Tezotopia?

Here's what's new and been happening at the most popular Tezos NFT based game:

Interface and UI/UX

The UI and UX has always been fabulous.  They recently changed the layout to be more mobile ready apparently.  Seemed different at first but then became much better than the prior version.  No complaints here.

Data and Analytics

Our stance is that Tezotopia would benefit tremendously with more data and analytics.  Players like to see themselves ranked versus others and people generally appreciate showing off how much they own and earn, particularly in NFT land.  Purplematter.com is a community sourced tool that ranks User IDs by amounts earned by each resource on top of XTZ to include UNO, MIN, ENR, and MCH.  You can also see who owns the most Tezotops, etc.  This is a very strong step in the right direction.  If people can analyze and quantify what they can and can't earn or gain, then it's more likely more trading/gambling/finance type of players migrate over to try and earn and have fun.  

According to PurpleMatter.com, more than 700 unique IDs (and hence a wallet address) own at least 1x Tezotop.  Yes, individual people could have multiple wallets and this does not mean 700 people play the game daily.  However - this is just Tezotops.  There could also be players that battle without being a landlord.  We could slice and dice this data until the cows come home.  Safe to say at least 500 humans are involved with the game currently on a consistent basis.  Various other games claim to have much larger numbers but honestly this space is so new the data needs to prove itself especially when you have copycat cult chains trying to out-hustle each other with slick PR and aggressive marketing campaigns pumping shitcoins.  Remember - part of the beauty of Tezotopia is that it runs on Tezos.  No holding your breathe hoping for the best with Ether or one of its crappy clones. 

Quipuswap Yield Farming

Quipuswap announced on Twitter on June 3rd that they are launching 9 farms with Tezotopia tokens and they will yield GIF and QUIPU and have periods from 60 to 180 days.  It is very easy to stake GIF within Tezotopia and do the same with QUIPU on Quipuswap, so this is a very interesting development.  Land has even more value now if you can use excess resources to provide liquidity in the LPs and also yield farm as well. 


Battles are now live.  We have yet to participate simply due to time constraints.  These are obviously a factor in bringing in new people, and the execution of battles creates more demand for resources and battle units - all bullish. 


Much needs to be learned about Matterlight.io.  This is the second game from GIF and they already told us about the upcoming Las Vegas opportunity. Here is how the team lays it out in the announcement email:

Anybody will be able to access a 30-card deck that’s absolutely free to play with allowing you to challenge others to competitions for UNO and for the right to claim territory in Metzopia, a city set within the Tezotopia Universe. Claiming territory on the map will lead to earning UNO from the revenue collected in Matterlight Tournaments.

Here is how folks got on the WhiteList:

Whitelist NFTs will be later be used to claim a custom skin for the backside of the cards that can be brought into battle.

Who gets whitelisted?

  • 100k GIF Stakers

  • Royal Diplomat Holders (snapshot taken May 30 at 2:20pm EST)

  • TZDropz Diamond Holders ( snapshot taken May 30 at 2:20pm EST)

  • First 50 Discord Invite Contest participants

  • Whitelist spots will be available in Tezotopia Lootboxes

There will be no buy limit for whitelisters, but they’ll limited to what’s available in the whitelist drop.

Much more to come from Matterlight.io.  For those looking at this project from the financial/investing standpoint primarily, this is our two cents on how we view this:

- Very bullish for GIF overall to see them deliver on another game.  This one also offers free and/or low $ entry opportunities thus opening it up to more people

- Another example of linking UNO to other use cases, very bullish.

- A hint at how the Diplomats will be very valuable, promising. 

So now we know there are more games, UNO and diplomats will have more use cases, and the entire ecosystem leverages itself against other parts where things like Yield Farming, staking, and drops become a bigger focus for those looking to earn.  Bullish


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