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By paulOf91 | AltcoinFreak | 12 Aug 2019

With altcoins struggling it is safe to say that Bitcoin is the only space-bound project that is on a bull run at this moment in time. However, we must never forget that the altcoin industry is still far from defeated as the development teams behind many of the projects continue to grind behind the scenes making some great advancements within the space!

So here is my list of Top 5 Potential Moonshot projects ready to head toward the hypothetical astronomical body that orbits our Earth!



We all know XRP very well so I will keep this very short and sweet!

Love it or hate it, XRP continues to expand its ever-growing list of banks and financial institutions to its RippleNET family. Furthermore, the amount of these partners using Ripple products that actually use the XRP cryptocurrency only continues to grow! Ripple has partnerships with major players such as MoneyGram, Santander, Standard Chartered, The Bank Of Thailand and PNC Finacial Services to name a small selection. Take a look at the SERIOUS list of partners here.

Taking matters one step further, XRP has been VERY stagnant in 2019 - mainly hovering around the $0.30 level (except for a slight bull run toward $0.48). This provides a great opportunity to enter into a great project with strong foundations at a relatively cheap price. Once AltSeason kicks in, we will not be seeing $0.30 XRP for a very long time!



Nano is currently in the 47th position in the market cap rankings with a total market cap value of $140 million. It is widely known as being one of the fastest cryptocurrencies out there. With an average transaction time of around 2 seconds, Nano is most certainly in the upper echelon of crypto payment speeds within the industry. Furthermore, the Nano system is completely feeless which means that users can send transactions without having to pay for it. This is all made possible due to the fact that Nano has a unique block-lattice structure that causes each account on the Nano blockchain to have their own set of blocks.

Perhaps one of the most important features regarding Nano is the fact that its core philosophy is to be easy to use - making it accessible to a very wide audience range that varies in experience levels. Taking matters one step further, the Nano ecosystem has benefited from development teams adding to their overall system. For example, BrainBlocks has released a point-of-sale system that allows merchants to accept Nano payments online and in-store.


BrainBlocks have integrated their system into the most popular Nano wallet,, making it super easy for merchants to now accept payments. They already have over 1500+ merchants accepting payments and have even managed to active WooCommerce and Shopify integration! The team over at BrainBlocks have also released an SDK that allows developers the option to easily add the BrainBlocks system into their own applications.

The fact that Nano has a great network with integrations that are focused on ease-of-use makes it a certain potential Moonshot coin with a future that allows for growth as more users enter the network. This sentiment is further shared by the fact that Nano still remains one of the most active blockchains, according to data from Block’tivity.


Nano has seen a relatively quiet 2019 as it trades close to the $1.00 region. The market had surged toward $1.80 during April through July but has since returned back toward $1.00. 



Nexo may be a relatively unknown cryptocurrency to some reading this list. It is described as a blockchain-based “overdraft” system that allows users to make instant cryptocurrency loans. It basically allows users to come and put their cryptocurrency up as collateral and receive FIAT as a loan backed by that collateral.

The project is exciting because it is created by Credissimo - a FinTech company that is already well known in the online consumer lending industry within Europe. They had granted 79,000 loans in 2017 alone with over 78% of its business coming from recurring customers. 

Nexo aims to be a very easy to use platform for users to come and receive loans. They promise to charge no hidden fees as well as champion the fact that there is no capital gains tax and they conduct no credit-checks (why would they need to? This is how DeFi will change the world!). 

After depositing a cryptocurrency as collateral within the Nexo network, the user will receive a quote in either USD or EUR that has been determined from the data provided by an Oracle that determines the value of the collateral. This quote is then transferred via Bank Wire to the user's bank account. 


The strongest “pull” regarding the entire Nexo project is the fact that they remain a profitable company - even during the current turbulent altcoin market. Furthermore, they have managed to be able to afford the steep CoinMarketCap advertising costs for over a year - something which most altcoin projects would only be able to dream to afford.

Nexo has taken things further by developing a solid partnership with CoinMarketCap. Nexo now has its “Get Loans” button on every single page on CMC.


Looking at the price for the coin, we can see that is has remained relatively low in 2019 providing a great opportunity for investors to enter into a potential moonshot project!




Quant is likely to be the best performing altcoin in 2019 within this list. Looking at the chart below, we can see that, during the past 2 months, Quant has surged from pretty much nothing to overreach a high over $14 - a VERY impressive rate of return.


Quant is a blockchain-focused on interoperability through its network OS known as OverLedger. The project is commonly described as the blockchain of blockchains as the team continues to lay down foundations that allow the world's blockchains to communicate with each other and with outside networks. 

Furthermore, one of the most exciting features of Quant is its multi-chain application development allowing for the creation of mApps. This allows developers to choose which part of their dApp they would like on which blockchain allowing them to take features from each blockchain to develop a multi-blockchain application.


The team over at Quant have already created some very strong partnerships with blockchains such as Sia and Binance Chain - enabling interoperability on both of these blockchains. The partnership with Sia is focused on the creation of cross-chain platform applications for banks and financial institutions! Check out the integrations that OverLedger have solved interoperability for below.


If Quant can continue to keep up with a similar pace as they have been recent, the cryptocurrency is certainly a potential moonshot and could even reach as high as the top 25 projects within the near future!



Loopring is a fascinating project has it is focused on providing a framework for all decentralized exchanges to run upon. We all know the security risks facing today’s centralized exchanges with a very long history of hacks resulting in market instability and very bitter investors. Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) aim to solve this problem by creating systems where users do not need to hand control of their assets to a 3rd party.


Loopring is one of the front-runners within the DEX industry as they are a decentralized protocol. They help to facilitate trading on DEXs through ring sharing and order matching. The team over at Loopring have always had scalability in mind and have made some serious advancements in their latest Loopring 3.0 release. Through the use of Zero-Knowledge Proofs and zK-SNARKS, Loopring has managed to improve its system with higher throughput and lower costs! Loopring is now able to handle up to 450 trades per second - but the important thing is that they are not just stopping here and intend to increase this much higher!


Loopring has also managed to amass a string of serious partnerships. For example, they have previously partnered with PwC China. The accounting giant and the Loopring Foundation had initially teamed up to explore and research a study on Stable Coins - in the hope to advance the discussion on the subject. Well, the partnership has recently released an in-depth report on Stable Coins which is a great resource to investors and regulators alike!

Loopring is ranked in the 147th position in the market cap rankings as it currently trades at a price of $0.03. Loopring has been pretty stagnant in 2019 as it trades very close to the 2019 opening price. However, with strong development and a great future prospect, this is most certainly a moonshot coin!


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