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3 Self-treatments For Pain and Inflammation (that worked for me)

By Epy | Allow Me To Recommend | 16 Apr 2021

Before we get into the nitty gritty, allow me to preface that I am not a doctor, a health professional, or a nutritionist so take these suggestions as simple points of research to see if they would be good fits for yourself. I’m sharing about them because they worked well for me, but it’s possible they wouldn’t work well for you. There are three products we’ll be taking a look at, with one bonus product.

The primary areas of pain I suffer with are in my wrist, hands, and lower back. These pains are are largely due to inflammation from writing, gaming, and poor posture over the years. While I found stretching did some good, as well as improving my posture, it still wasn’t solving the problem and I was constantly needing NSAIDs, which are not healthy for you. So let's begin.

Turmeric with Bioperine: This was the first oral supplement I began taking in an attempt to curb the pain. Various studies and reviews suggested it could take up to 6 weeks to take effect, but I was surprised to notice a massive difference in my hand pain within a week or so. Some people take this as if it were an NSAID, but it seems to work better taking it consistently every day. I take this product three times daily with a meal. Also, if it happens to upset your stomach, there is a version with ginger available that will reduce that potential side effect.

Tart Cherry Juice (light): This one was a bit of a surprise because my wife bought it for me on whim as a treat. It turns out this particular drink helps with inflammation and muscle recovery, not to mention it assists with your sleep. I noticed a difference with the Tart Cherry Juice immediately, as whenever my inflammation goes away I don’t ache as bad. I’d recommend with your recovery drink routine if you work out too. Tart Cherry Juice is also a self-cure for Gout. The one warning that comes to mind for this drink is it’s high in vitamin K, which is what regulates blood clots. So if you have a problem with that you should consult your doctor.

Australian Dream Cream: This is a product you put on your skin and joints, and it works marvelously for the right kind of pains and inflammation. Especially arthritis. It’s a tad bit expensive but it’s a good option for you if you’re unwilling to take supplements or you’re not good at remembering to take them. I haven’t needed to use this product since starting the Turmeric with Bioperine.

BONUS Jasmine Tea: This flowery product is excellent as a calming agent and a small boost of caffeine, but it has some health benefits for internal inflammation due to certain diseases but is also quells the inflammation of your gums. That said if your gums are getting inflamed regularly or you’re spitting blood after brushing your teeth, it may be best to visit a dentist to find out the root cause of the issue. However in the meantime it can really help your mouth feel better if your gums are swollen.

If you try the Jasmine Tea, I recommend you add a pinch of salt, 4-5 drops of lemon or lime juice, and some honey along with the actual tea packet. This will remove the flowery taste and make it much more pleasant.

Thank you for reading everyone. All claims I’ve made are based on my own experiences, but they are relatively common knowledge. Despite that I’ll post some resources demonstrating some evidence and other benefits of these products. Please do your own research! May you be pain free!

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