A Lesson From Forky

By Gwenie | All About Life | 2 Aug 2020

For those who have watched Toy Story 4, you probably know Forky.

He is just a disposable spork until Bonnie made him into a toy.

Photo credits to artstation.com | Artist: Flavio Novi

His character in the movie appeared to be self-loathing and naive. He runs and put himself into a trash bin everytime he sees one because he see himself as a trash.

Forky made a lot of the scenes funny. But I think there is something we can learn from the character of Forky.


There comes in life when we see ourself as useless as trash. There may be people who would make us feel worthless even after doing our best. But don't let them define our self-worth and value.

We must always remember that someone loves us (like how Bonnie loves Forky). We mean something to someone. We mean something to our Creator. We mean something to our parents and our friends. Someone out there values our existence and we are important for them. These are something we must always remember.


After the movie, Forky also returned as the main character of a short TV series titled Forky Ask a Question. Where in every episode, he asks a question about life and the world around him.

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