Will you still use Brave browser if there are no rewards?

Will you still use Brave browser if there are no rewards?

By Dakaid | All about free crypto | 7 May 2020

Brave browser has been in many platforms and news as one of the best browsers that maximize user interface and respect user privacy. However we have loads of browser right now that rewards its user in one way or other, but to answer the question above let look and understand brave browser.

Brave browser is like any other browser that helps us connect to the internet, however, the browser has the main motive in giving back control to the user. In its website, you can clearly see that the main motive of the browser is the privacy of the user which means that no one has the right to misuse and exploit our data just by using their browser.


Now apart from the privacy issues, Brave browser also talks about a faster internet which means that when we view any websites there are lots and tons of ads that come along and thus slow down the loading of a view page and thus slowing down the user experience. However, with Brave, we can easily block all the ads and trackers that we don't want following us and also have a faster internet connection. Also with brave, you can directly access tor which is considered as one of the most private browsing modes.


Apart from those two main issues, just recently Brave announce the integration of Binance extension into the browser which means now that you can easily access your Binance account easily and also do things such as buy/sell crypto, balance summary, deposit and even convert easily from one crypto to another crypto.

Thus, in my opinion, I know the Brave browser still has a long way to be one of the best browsers in the market. However as of now with respect to the privacy and better internet, I will surely use Brave browser if there are no rewards.

Lastly, Brave also rewards its user in the form of BAT Token for watchings ads which can be traded in many exchanges. So with these rewards from the user, you can easily support your favorite content creator directly. Thus if you want to check out about Brave Browser there is a link below:



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