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Earning over $240 on offers

So I've been using Cointiply for a little while now and have made $175 to date (about 60 days) which can be withdrawn into either your BTC wallet or Dogecoin wallet, i covered all this on an earlier post if you'd like to give that a read find it here. And through boredom and curiosity i decided to see what my potential earnings would be like if i only focused on game downloads and not surveys. Surveys being the easiest (and most annoying) way to earn on most free earning platforms are not entirely available to all regions.

I am a newb on Cointiply myself and I've been asked a lot by fellow newcomers how it all works and how i made my coins in a short time so I decided to put this piece together. Yes that's right, you could potentially earn over $240 on Cointiply just through playing games on your phone. I went through all the Apps install offers that were available to me and removed all offers that required me to make an in app payment or subscription that required some form of payment method, strictly paying attention to games and apps that were for install and play to complete a level or task.

The offered apps I took a look at were from Adgem and Offertoro, yes many other companies use these guys too but lets just focus on Cointiply for now. I compiled a list of all apps available and the total amount in cointiply coins amounts to 2,435,537 coins, and thats roughly $243.537 just through playing games. You only need an initial amount of 35,000 coins on cointiply to activate the 5% APY which is distributed weekly. So while earning from other games that take a longer time to complete, your current coin balance will be compounded. As you progress through the website you earn coins which can be withdrawn to BTC or Dogecoin as well as earning Cointipoints as u level up. Cointipoints are used for buying Booster/pods which increase your earnings by a percentage for example i have 10% boost used on a game that pays 1000 i would earn 1100 .. well you get how it works just equip boosts ALWAYS!.

Here's a screenshot of what i compiled, i might have missed out on some extra offers but they weren't appealing to me XD.


Some offers may take a while to pay you after completion, just take a screenshot and open a ticket give them a few days and you will be credited for your completed App task.


So what are you waiting for!! Click Here to get started and make some quick cash!!! 


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Earning Platforms 

Cointiply ---> Cointiply link, Read my post on how it works.

Cryptotab ---> Download link, Earn crypto while browsing  

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Other Freebies From CMC

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