PalmPay v1.8 Released - Starve the Beast!

PalmPay v1.8 Released - Starve the Beast!

By Agorise | Agorise | 15 Mar 2020

CEX's being shut down and exit scamming, global protests and riots, war, virus scares, banks closing, and KYC bullsh!t everywhere you look.

The good news is that true agorist, free-markets can, and will reign... 


PalmPay enables any business to accept one or more cryptocurrencies at zero cost.

The PalmPay point of sale software has been growing and improving for over 5 years now. It has been built to withstand the collapse of the old monetary system by way of Node Hopping, Decentralised Exchanges, C-IPFS (so that app stores, HTTP and DNS are no longer relied upon), Atomic Swaps (so Centralised Exchanges (CEX) are not used), and as little reliance as possible on humans or third parties. 

If the point of sale software that your business uses relies in any way on the current internet, bridges (like shapeshft, changely, etc), KYC, centralised exchanges, a bank, a company, or even a human, then it is guaranteed that your point of sale system will stop functioning when the next crash and credit freeze comes in 2020. 


PalmPay doesn't give a sh!t about the failure of the old monetary system. It operates outside of it.

So, what's new in PalmPay version 1.8?

  • Massive improvements to speed and reliability
  • Added an auto-close option (Airline Stewardesses and Taxi Drivers have to use expensive mobile data)
  • Alert the user to do proper Backups occasionally
  • Improved Venezuelan exchange rate accuracy (factored in real street values, due to hyperinflation)
  • Added exchange rate caching in case of CEX issues (for example, what is the price in USD, MXN, EUR, RUB etc for 1 Bitcoin? ..or 1 Dash? ..or 1 Monero?). Prepped for Morphit API integration.
  • Fixed price discrepancy with the USD anchor asset

What's next for PalmPay?

  • Add support for some coins
  • Finish, and release Morphit (the world's fastest, most decentralised atomic order book (dAOB)). Then, integrate PalmPay with its pubic API.
  • Morphit allows us to finally dump our reliance on the CEX's to tell us what the price of 1 crypto is, in various fiats. CEX's wash trade like crazy, so by using a lightning-fast dAOB for proper price-discovery, those wash traded prices and CEX's will eventually be rendered obsolete. Price feeds must be accurate, not what the criminal CEX's dictate it is.
  • The Morphit API will charge a small fee of 1% for providing the public dAOB, but those fees will go (every 3 seconds) to the investor(s) of the Morphit product. If interested in getting some of those fees, feel free to inquire in our Telegram group at:


PalmPay is piece of mind. It means your business can accept all of the top cryptocurrencies without ever having to worry about the issues with the old monetary system. It's literally faster and safer than cash, supports invoicing, eReceipts, Loyalty Points, payment tracking and is now in 104 languages (Español, русский, 中文...). Oh, it's totally FREE for businesses too, so give it a shot, you will be impressed:,+Ltd. or: 

Besides our Telegram support groups (Agorise, PalmPay_CN, PalmPay_DE, PalmPay_ES, PalmPay_GR, PalmPay_IT, PalmPay_PL, PalmPay_RU), you can also get our news from: 


The PalmPay API should also be out of alpha testing by next week. The docs are being finished up now as well. This enables merchants to integrate PalmPay with existing billing systems, websites, embedded systems, etc.

PalmPay - Cryptocurrency Point of Sale software

-- Oh, and #fuKYC --

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Bringing Agorism to the world, one decentralised, chain-agnostic piece of crypto-infrastructure at a time.


Bringing Agorism to the world, one decentralised, chain-agnostic piece of crypto-infrastructure at a time.

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