The power of pause—becoming more by doing nothing

Finding That I am Only I — The Power of Pause

By Coins Reporter | Aesthetics | 16 Jun 2024


I clicked the image above in my recent visit to the Great Himalyas. I went there to escape temporarily from the heat wave and do nothing at all.

On reaching there, a thought immediately caught my attention - why not stay here forever? Not because the place was the most beautiful I've ever seen but because I could let myself be only I without thinking too much of running out of time.

It was also such a beautiful day that I wanted to dissolve with the air. Ahh! So pure, so fresh! It was that moment of cool breeze touching my eyes and cheeks made me realise that I was into a moment of pause. Nature did its part but the moment of pause was the creation of my own senses.

With that thought, I relaxed and repeated — there's nothing like taking a pause!!! Yes, that was the moment I realised that these pause moments do exist. I completely stopped, I considered nothing, I reflected upon nothing, I rejected any learning — for once in my life, I was I.

The grandeur of the moment felt everlasting and I immediately felt so much rejuvenated that no stress could take over me ever again.

Pauses are such a great declaration of our self and consciousness that it brings along a space for creativity. Yes, pauses provide the opportunity to see beneath the surface and pay attention to “the space between.” Creativity emerges from the in-between spaces.

You want to hear the soft murmur from within? Let yourself immerse with the pauses. Pauses can even bring clarity of thoughts once realised.

Pauses also invite learning. As you pause, you will gain insight into what you think and what leads you to think. Without pauses, your brain gets cluttered and it’s more difficult to absorb anything.

I realised the moment of pause suddenly and so abruptly (unexpectedly) that I am unable to tell you guys how and where you can find it for yourself.

It maybe on the riverside, Maybe under the moon, maybe sitting alone at your home, may be while listening to some soft music, maybe reading a book, Maybe you guys tell me about your pauses in life!!

Have you ever realised the moment of pause? How, where and when did you feel it?


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