The end of Million on Mars on wax network? UPDATE

Well I got rid of all my assets and I think just in time before the shut off.  What kind of outfit are they?  People are still trying to get their glitter assets withdrawn and failing, they are still selling premium access to the game and assets even though it is being switched off.  This just shows that they want your money for 'OTHER' projects and is a serious abuse of their users.  WHy is it that you cannot even use their in-game currencies to buy assets for the game?  Nearly every game on wax you can use their coins to buy assets, but not this one, only hard cash will get you anything.  This points to a scam where they just want your money

Why are they still selling things that cannot be used once the end of the month comes?  Looks like they want as much money out of their users before they switch off.  Their discord is full of people asking how they can get their glitter and other assets out, but up to this point not one answer to any queries, some have been waiting for answers for over a month on the support channel and not one answer.  Even though there is an admin online every day, who just sits there deleting any negative comments but never once answers any queries.  What is the point of him?  Why delete comments from worried users?  It stinks of rug pull and I advise anyone to sell and run as this behavior is unacceptable when people are paying money to use it.

Please don't get caught holding when they finally go and people like this should be banned from wax network for good, their assets taken and redistributed to the people who have lost out with their unacceptable behavior.

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