What to do with your earnings?

By achim03 | achim | 20 Apr 2021

For some time I have been building up on hive but also on other blockchains and lately I had some lucky strikes with TLM and Doge that grew my portfolio somewhat.

Now the big question is: What to do with your earnings?

Some people would simply swap them for fiat but once you have fiat, what do you do with it if you don't need it to purchase stuff?

My strategy is to build income streams

I made almost 1000$ worth of TLM over night and I decided to swap it into wax tokens because in my opinion they will keep their value better than TLM. However I like to see my tokens at work. I staked about 80% of my tokens and when you stake tokens on WAX, you get an interest of about 4.5% per year. Every day, I can take these earnings and add it to my WAX stake. By doing that I can also profit from compound interests. I have now a totally passive income source thanks to wax.

I try to do the same whenever possible. I build my stakes in tokens that provide a return upon staking. Here the tokens I use to do that:

  • Hive
  • LEO
  • CUB
  • CTP
  • WAX
  • ...

If there are tokens that can't be staked, I've found another solution and it's to send them to a service like Nexo. On nexo, I get something like 4 to 5% on tokens like BCH that I earn over noise.cash.

Thanks to platforms like CUBfinance I could even find a return for my BTC.

Being positioned as broad as possible

The strategy that I have makes it possible to be quite diversified and also to have an income on my tokens. Even if it is 4% APR, this is much better than the 0% that I get with fiat.

In addition to that, I position myself for possible pumps. If one of my holdings is pumping then I'm quite happy. I now have the possibility to sell some of it and invest into assets that are lower at the moment. If I believe in this token, I will simply keep my asset and wait for even higher prices.

Growing return

Since I reinvest almost all my earnings, my portfolio is growing regularly in terms of amount of tokens. In a bull market like now, the nice side effect is that the value is also growing in respect to fiat currencies.

Patience will be rewarded

I see a lot of people that jump from the one fashionable coin to the next. I don't get how they deal with the stress. They jump on a trend and hope that the trend persists. I'm so much more at ease with my strategy. I build my positions slowly but steadily. If a token moons I'm happy of course but I can build my fortune without needing it. The more tokens I have that produce an income, the more income I will have. I'm not looking at the quick buck but at a long term growth of my portfolio. I don't want to earn 10$ today but 10'000$ in 10 years...

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