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By achim03 | achim | 21 May 2020

For me Hive is the most promising blockchain project out there but I would rank Lbry second.

What is Lbry

I've been on Lbry for a couple of weeks. Lbry is a blockchain based video platform where you can also host audio files, images, vectors, texts or pdfs. You can store your files on Lbry and if people like your content, they can give you tips in LBC, the currency of the platform. You can then use this LBC to stake on your content to bring it higher in the internal search engine.

New on Lbry: sell your digital products

It was possible to sell your videos or other files already before but it was necessary that the buyer installed the app. This didn't make much sense. Why install an app, when you have everything on the website already. Now it is possible to sell your content directly on the website, the app is not needed anymore. You can define the price of your product and people can buy it using LBC.

Everybody can create his own products and sell them

If you publish an ebook on Amazon, you will have to pay amazon up to 30% on your sales. On lbry, you will keep 100% of it. You can create a video and sell it. It's even possible to sell an audio mp3 or an ebook. With this feature, it has become really easy to sell stuff. Imagine all the advantages:

  • No need to deal with security issues linked to credit card transactions
  • Organic traffic through the
  • Integrated community
  • You can present your paid content to all your followers
  • No costs for sales
  • No 3rd party that could annoy you
  • Possibility to make microsales with a very cheap product
  • Very easy to do. Just upload, write description, define your price and that's it!

This paid content feature has been implemented very recently and not everything works perfectly but it's a start and I think it's great.

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