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A hidden gem in the play to earn world

By achim03 | achim | 27 Sep 2021

When people speak about play2earn, the have axie infity, alienworlds or splinterlands in mind. However there are many other games out there that allow you to earn money while playing. A good idea is to join these games before everybody speaks about them.

There are plenty of new games coming out. The problem with these games is that they are untested. Are they worth playing? Do you need to invest first? Are the tokenomics sound? The best is to find the little niche games that are actually battle tested, have good tokenomics and are simply not widely discovered yet.

I believe I have discovered one of these games. It's a game about music called Rising Star and runs on the Hive blockchain. The game exists since april 2020 and has evolved a lot since then. However there are only about 2000 people playing the game regularly. So there is plenty of growth potential here.

How can you get started with Risingstar?

The great thing about this game is that you can start without investing anything at all. You only need a hive account and then you can start your first missions to earn starbits, the ingame currency. With every mission you complete you earn some of these tokens.

What can you do with starbits?

You can exchange these tokens for swap.hive and from swap.hive into almost any other crypto currency on
You can use these starbits to buy NFT's on the game market. With every NFT that you own, your income from missions will grow as well
You can even put your starbits into a liquidity pool and get rewards.
Finally you can buy NFT packs with starbits. In these packs you might find quite valuable cards that you can sell on the market or use to increase your deck.

The game is quite challenging

The game itself is quite interesting because you need a strategy and you need to understand all the dimensions of the game. There are plenty of tutorials about the game that will help you to define your strategy. There is a learning curve and the game is constantly evolving.

How much can you earn?

The more developed your account is, the more NFT's you own, the more you can earn from playing the missions. However you can also earn by buying packs and selling cards on the market. According to some good players, it is possible to earn more than 300$ per month with this game!

How will this game evolve?

I belive that at the moment the game is still totally undervalued and it has not so many players. If a lot of new players join, this will have a very positive effect on the game. All NFT's are limited in number and every new player will want to have as many NFT's as possible, to increase his income potential. With new players joining the game, the value of these NFT's will go up in price I believe.

You can join the game for free. By the way, you don't have to understand much about music to play the game :-)

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