5 tips to grow your Splinterlands account organically

By achim03 | achim | 17 Aug 2021

If you have just started to play Splinterlands, you will probably be confronted with the dilemma of how to grow your account without having to invest a ton of money. Since there are no packs for sale at the moment, it's only possible to buy cards from the market or to buy overpriced Dice packs. What can you do if you don't have a lot of money to invest?

I am showing you here some ways how you can grow your account without having to make huge investments. With these tips you can grow some income sources that will allow you to grow faster than normal.


Tip 1: play and learn

Before you invest a lot of money, make sure that you learn how to play the game. Once you bought a Spellbook, which is necessary to be able to earn in the game, you will be able to use quite an array of cards already. Try these cards out, play games and try to do the daily quests. The more you play, the better you will get.


Tip 2: keep your cards and DEC

When you win games, you will earn the in game currency DEC. Make sure to keep these DEC tokens and also the reward cards that you might get over the daily quests and season rewards. These cards and DEC will contribute to your daily SPS airdrop. The more assets you own, the bigger your airdrop will be.


Tip 3: share your battles on Hive

When you create a Splinterlands account, there is automatically a hive account that is created with it. It's possible to get the keys to this account and you can then with these keys interact with the blockchain. You can then write posts about your Splinterlands journey or you can record your battles and share them over https://3speak.tv/, which is a video platform on Hive. Make sure that you add the tags #spt and #splinterlands to your posts and you will earn SPT tokens which count for your daily airdrops!


Tip 4: share your daily quest rewards on Noise.cash

https://noise.cash/n/splinterlands is a kind of crypto twitter and there is a special chamber just for splinterlands. Share your daily quest rewards or your experiences there and you might get some upvotes which will allow you to earn Bitcoin Cash.


Tip 5: invest into quest potions

With the Hive and Bitcoin cash that you have earned through your posts, you can now purchase credits on Splinterlands. Use these credits to buy Quest Potions. You need about 7 $ to buy 10 quest potions and to get one for free. These means that when you complete a daily quest you will get 5 addition chests per day! If you buy 10 potions, you will get a total of 55 chests that you can open over then next 11 days. This will give you some additional cards and DEC that will contribute to help you grow your game points and also your sps points.


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