Funny Crypto Sept. 6

Cryptonauts we love ya!!  Ladies get in formation!! Your mighty watch army is moving out!! 

Tho the noise y'all hear is our arse dragging down the stairs.   Reading music to cover up then !! TLDL:  the song  all the people that died  died is stronger but too depressing right now baby FUNNIES dave FUNNIES 

OK Nima Capital VC rug pull!!! Variation on a theme in D minor ar ar ar arooo000000!!!fb0a1008a400cb98d915ff9bafb4539e2ccc974407415962dd657cde60474ffc.pngTLDR: the VC dumps ALLL the coins they took, turns out the lights on social media, and flees into the night!!!! ah HA HA HA HA.de78fcb4f5e12bb7923dfd3beb342b6d9490a27b1672d6ece782ac4fdc7a08ae.png

This is REALLY funny, though, all those stories?? They are not showing the face of the VC mastermind rug puller, cuz it doesn't fit the bro narrative, but WE love ya & are not that bright so WE will ah HA HA HA HA HA 63d6ed2bfc609d92776125b33e4a359cf98d1200e374f941603d5ef349ab3089.pngTLDR:  she learned from KKR ah HA HA HA !! Bear Stearns was responsible for a lot really!!!   Anyhoo, gaze into the face of evil, the first VC crypto rugpull .  Just a sudden de-investment really, was it even illegal ah hA HA HA our girl Suna Said, speaking at the Millken investment conf back in 2015 boy she learned from the BEST f5ea4d25d3559316f7bdf0c95c003f809c818fcfe1497e99acf846a7f1745cd1.pngTLDR ar ar ar ar !!! 

Ya know we are just being hard ol Nima Cap.  Let's go to the Gecko troops!!!  Pop quiz !  Part 1 or 2:  spot the rugpull yesterday ish 872b0500128e177afb70cdd359fe415fd6327fe83d8c7b617bba9c6087ab9aff.pngTLDR:  ar ar ar ok that was easy lookit that VOLUME AH HA HA HA HA

OH but wait there's more Part B: Zoom out for laughs.  Spot the rugpull NOW baby!!2100480fff942fc5ca091043308e943a686d65dabf8a9ba9af826d99c242643f.pngTLDR: zoom out ah HA HA zen exercise.  First there was a VC rugpull, then there IS no rugpull, just a Sugarfix chitcoin reverse bounce, a silent f*rt in the night. ah AH HA HA HA HA HA HA

Be nice to Sura, as a crypto VC she has paid enough.  that'sall just noise  just presstidudes hungry for crypto negative news!! 

ok more funnier dave 433227162e7cd853da94d6742b05273378195b2a1011725d08e0641fd62e9803.png




aahhh we got nuthin gotta present a moving target run like (@$$(&!! 

Peace out, excelsior mighty Watch Army 





It's too late
To fall in love with Sharon Tate
But it's too soon
To ask me for the words I want carved on my tomb I think it's time that you all start
To think about gettin' by
But I have that need to go out and find somebody to love It's too late
There's no one left that I even want to imitate
You see, you just don't know
I'm here to give you my heart
And you want some fashion show But it ain't no contribution
To rely on an institution
To validate your chosen art
And to sanction your boredom
And let you play out your part It's too late
You know when they got nothin' to give
They only part their legs for what's negative
They're so decadent...
Until their daddy's money from home's all spent So I think it's time, because it's too easy
To rely on worshipping devils and strangers in bed,
Though they do get good drugs, and they do give good head It's too late
You shoulda realized I was worth the wait
Ah, but you didn't hesitate
When he took you off, you let him seal our fate  

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Dave Sawyer
Dave Sawyer

National Merit got this punk rocker to Oberlin, and Wall Street fintech gave up world tours and an NYU MBA. I am a Bitcoin true believer. Bitcoin is deeply revolutionary in a way we always prayed tech would be. Keep the baby Faith!

Accelerationist Shit Show - buy Bitcoin NOW
Accelerationist Shit Show - buy Bitcoin NOW

Face it. The geopolitical world is going down hard in a blaze of money printing. America freaking out makes the world freak out, burning cities, riots and total polarization while the MMT monkeys at the Fed make the printers go brrrrrrt as we whack the world economy with Covid. Join us as we go crawlin thru the wreckage. A lot of things that were going good just stalled hard. A lot of things going bad are getting there faster and faster. to quote Nina Hagen, FUTURE is NOOOOWWWW!!!!

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