Bitcoin beats the #@$*^@#*$!! outta the Fed and the ACH!!!! RAT B*STIDS prove Bitcoin DESERVES to rule!!! Failure of the ACH is a watershed moment

Cryptonauts we LOVE YOU!!!  Missed y'all so bad!!    Mighty Watch Army strap us in the Bradley & let's ROLL!!!!!  

Cause man there's been some funny funny things happening !   

but wait there's more!! Dave's not here man, this is Dave AI, we had to backfill this position.  Can y'all tell?  nah doan worry Dave AI will still play questionable reading music ( missed you SO Much fams) TLDL:  Ok THAT"s better. 

now will y'all miss Dave !  Nah its OK Davebot will follow the same cliche's that Dave used ta LOVE!!!   WARMUP FUNNIESSS AR AR AR AR AR !! 


f47bf436121c3c76512d75fd3d7959a31f5efc2aa6c1dafa211b92dc8070c89a.pngTLDR:  no, BAD davebot!! that wasn't TRUE!!  TLDR:  judges say still funny tho.  Sammy the rat goes down hard!  Don't worry, all his campaign finance fraud was covered up by Letetia. 


Funnier warmup funnies DaveBot!! OK OK gather up & rally round the flag boys n girls, open the sally port, your MIGHTY WATCH ARMY RIDES BABY RIDE LIKE THE WIND!!   This timeline we live in ah HA HAH AHH HA HA HA5047fe9978d171180dc8aeebb3857fba6400e838e4357ab4f991a11ef856ca4b.png

TLDR: yeppers, the Fed is using copyright infringment ( hey, that's OUR copyright, gummint, we own it ) to squish free speech and promote censorship!!    Streisand EFFECT FRONT N CENTER BABY AH HA HA HA HA HA!!

Ahh #@$(& the warmups we got no time davebot costs $100 per task.  Let's hit it ! THIS is the big funny story!! 9384286041275368a83ae19faf57fe24bcebad21e5b930e91f5a4f01824aaa42.pngIt's very funny, King Bitcoin beats the #$(#&. ACH system for reliability, when ya need the job done by a name you can TRUST baby!! 6f813ae05fb68bd87ff74fb967329ef3b7b8b688ad76f077329914b5cfc3db02.png

TBF Bitcoin mag is FEUDING baby FEUDING ar ar ar it's just lovely to see we have been missing this!! 

96c6444971212857182b926da0293ff3e40d3811ce57f1be4578e79319661975.pngahh we got nuthin but love for y'all fam a lams 

but seriously the ACH went DOWN !!??!  #$(&#$(#$&#&$ !!!! 


peace out



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Dave Sawyer
Dave Sawyer

National Merit got this punk rocker to Oberlin, and Wall Street fintech gave up world tours and an NYU MBA. I am a Bitcoin true believer. Bitcoin is deeply revolutionary in a way we always prayed tech would be. Keep the baby Faith!

Accelerationist Shit Show - buy Bitcoin NOW
Accelerationist Shit Show - buy Bitcoin NOW

Face it. The geopolitical world is going down hard in a blaze of money printing. America freaking out makes the world freak out, burning cities, riots and total polarization while the MMT monkeys at the Fed make the printers go brrrrrrt as we whack the world economy with Covid. Join us as we go crawlin thru the wreckage. A lot of things that were going good just stalled hard. A lot of things going bad are getting there faster and faster. to quote Nina Hagen, FUTURE is NOOOOWWWW!!!!

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