You bought some digital property. Now what? - NFTs in Upland and their use

By Niqestates | A Journey in Upland | 22 Aug 2020

Congratulations! You purchased some brand new property in Upland!

Probably you already got your certificate that proves your ownership.   


But... what now?   


What can you actually DO now with your new belonging?     


Free goods, free market

As soon as you received your proof of ownership that is written on the EOS blockchain basically you can do with your property whatever you want. Well, technically. Currently we don’t have the ability yet to sell properties (NFTs of Upland) on a free market. Interoperability between different blockchain games has already been proved, though. Besides the question of ownership the second central blockchain characteristic will apply, as soon as we were able to buy and sell properties outside of Upland.  


This sets the stage for an exciting way to use NFTs, not only in the virtual but in the real world. Today we have physical certificates that prove your ownership of a physical property in the virtual world. Today we also have proof of ownership on the blockchain. If we think further, it sounds like an inevitable step to substitute physical certificates with blockchain-based documents one day. 


Upland as an innovator

The cool thing: Upland is more than a game, by providing experience with blockchain administration by gamification it paths the way to an actual everyday use. I guess nearly everyone participating in Upland feels at least a little proud of owning a virtual property in San Francisco.  


The dynamic behind every action that takes place in Upland is not new, though. You buy something for a reasonable or even cheap price, and you want to sell it as high as you can. These are market dynamics that apply on the stock market as well as on the market in front of your apartment.  


Right now every property in Upland is like a stock that might increase in its value in the future. And it is very likely to be much, much more valuable than it is today. If you take a look on the developments of the last months, you see numerous lessons that could be learned just by trial and error. Balancing prices of the properties, making new properties available and simply watching how new players behave in the game surely had to deliver tons of data to improve the game at this early stage.  


Upland and EOS - A good company?

With a glance at DappRadar we can see that Upland already reached #2 in the Top EOS Games ranking. Next to other well known blockchain games it safely defended its position during the last months.  


Soon Upland will hit 2k users. With an increasing supply of the in-game currency UPX and more participants on the market we will experience a rising liquidity which will lead to an even more active market place.  


What I consider to be a huge advantage by chosing the EOS blockchain is the possibility for cooperation between various games - even those running on the Ethereum blockchain. Recently Upland carried out a special event with CryptoKitties. By connecting well-known and wanted games, the players get the opportunity to directly link to a whole universe on different blockchains. As a consequence this will influence the shaping of the in-game world sooner or later.  


A boost for tourism?

Another use that might be completely analog is the aspect of tourism. At first sight this seems highly subjective. Driven by emotions, personal experience and wishes for the future every individual creates his own world within the NFT space. The meaning an NFT gets is the meaning you give to it. As in every other form of art value is created because of scarcity and originality. With an emotional bond to your Upland property in San Francisco or New York City we have two kinds of value that become sellable: 


  1. Scarcity: A property sells to a high price just because of the fact that it is rare.
  2. History: The property has some kind of underlying story or storytelling, a famous previous owner or another kind of emotionally charged background.


For touristic matters let’s focus on the usage of NFTs in this context. I don’t think it is a too risky prediction, if I say that some players would love to visit „their“ property in real-life one day. They got an approved certificate of ownership on the EOS blockchain, therefore there might be the wish to visit this very property. Lots of Upland players already have profound knowledge of the city of San Francisco - without ever having been there.  


This is revolutionary: Not only does this game have a direct impact on real-life places and events - it also fuels a great knowledge base regarding city structure and development.   


In a future article I will keep on developing the issue of Upland´s role as a knowledge database and how to possibly monetize it for that matter.  

Stay tuned, keep collecting, keep trading!

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A Journey in Upland
A Journey in Upland

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