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By Jay Fried | A Chain of Blocks | 3 Sep 2020

New Decentralized Crypto Exchange | DEX | Uniswap for Tron Tokens

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JustSwap is a TRON-based exchange protocol for exchanges between TRC20 tokens.

The TRON-based DeFi platform JustSwap was successfully launched and has registered a trading volume of $10 million in the first 19 hours.

Users can exchange TRC-20 tokens with infinite liquidity. There is unstoppable liquidity for thousands of traders and hundreds of applications. Instant execution is fast and convenient without having to wait for a buy match in the queue. On the other hand, market makers can make profits without any barriers.

The introduction of the decentralized exchange protocol is in line with TRON’s strategy to compete directly with Ethereum. In recent months, Ethereum’s DeFi sector has grown inexorably and has exceeded all expectations. At the time of publication, $6.37 billion were locked up in the various Ethereum DeFi protocols.

JustSwap’s direct competitor, Uniswap, is one of the most popular protocols with a total value of $170 million. TRON is committed to expanding its platform to take advantage of the growth and popularity that decentralized finance is experiencing. According to data from JustSwap’s official Twitter account, the protocol’s total liquidity reached $3.5 million in under 24 hours

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