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Ampleforth MEME contest

27 Nov 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Trysty

I don't use Twitter or any of the other social media sites, so wasn't going to enter this contest, however, I noticed that we could simply create a post here on PublishOx and tag it with the AMPLMeme tag. That works for me and I did think of a simple...

Re-thinking right and wrong

2 Oct 2019 2 minute read 6 comments Trysty

  I read an article and its reply by @happyme and the reply got me to think about whether or not we can actually justify right and wrong. Take for instance, the widely-referred commandment in the Christian Bible, Thou shalt not kill. Within that same...

Blockchain: Is it really so great?

2 Sep 2019 1 minute read 8 comments Trysty

I've been dabbling in Steem for a couple of years now and was quite impressed by what I saw and read on the platform itself. They keep talking about how the blockchain is immutable and all your data is safe because no matter what happens to one node,...

A game that pays YOU for playing?

7 Aug 2019 1 minute read 7 comments Trysty

Here's something you don't see very often: I discovered a game where players can earn the Steem (along with other tokens linked to the Steem token) crypto-currency token just for playing the game! The games are based off board-games and players make...

My Token Portfolio for the #ShowYourPortfolio contest

10 Jul 2019 2 minute read 4 comments Trysty

This is my first post on this platform, so please forgive me if things don't look formatted very well; I'm still figuring things out.     I've been lurking here on PublishOX for quite some time now, but just haven't had the time to actually get down...


Spoon Theory

30 Nov 2020 Cje95

01 December 2020
Ah... at least knowing the source of a problem is better than not knowing anything. At least that's a start. Wishing you the very best.

Would you buy Bitcoin at this price?

30 Nov 2020 Bala

30 November 2020
Anything can happen. I prefer to buy a less expensive coin. I'm guessing that there is greater gains to be made on a less expensive coin. Then again, all crypto could become worthless, so I'm not betting the bank on any of it. Diversification is safer, but less rewarding. It's a matter of choosing your own comfort level. How much can you afford to lose?

Spoon Theory

30 Nov 2020 Cje95

30 November 2020
I don't have a better way to explain your issue, but I know someone who sounds like they had very similar symptoms. They lost their job due to lack of energy and had all sorts of tests and no hospital could determine a cause. It turned out they had a food intolerance to gluten! When they stopped eating grains, the symptoms went away. It might be worth your while to try an elimination diet to see if you are also suffering from a food intolerance. 25 is way too young to become disabled.

The Play2Earn Report - Monday Edition

30 Nov 2020 Khazrakh

30 November 2020
You really do spend a lot of time on gaming! Lots to read here just the same, even though your Internet was down. Are you playing Holy Bread, made by @simplegame on Hive? I tried it and it is fun to play. I just don't have the time currently.

They Don't Deserve This, the Human Cost of the War on Drugs

30 Nov 2020 renegadetrader

30 November 2020
Wow! That was quite the article. So much information to back your argument. One comment I need to make is that in order to be a society, you need to have rules, and rules restrict freedom; so basically, there is no such thing as total freedom in any society. Having said that, I also need to point out that restriction will often CREATE desire. I've seen countries where anyone of any age can go buy any amount of wine at practically any corner store and there are no more alcoholics than anywhere else. Probably less because there isn't the excitement of doing something you "shouldn't" be doing. People can buy pure alcohol if they want and make their own liqueurs or whatever. Nobody cares! It is NO BIG DEAL. There will always be a few who will use in excess, no matter what the rules are. Yea, legalizing anything will likely cause a spike in use for a little while as the curious try something new that they were previously too afraid to try, but eventually it all settles out. Drugs, prostitution, and other such "ills" have always been around and will always be around, so best to give up trying to make them illegal and just accept that these will always be with us. Society's moral compass will ultimately determine how much of it is within any given society.

Bitcoin Address Type Comparison

26 Nov 2020 cryptoforcanadians

28 November 2020
Awe, that sucks. Good thing I have no BTC. If I should ever buy any, I can go straight for the one with the lowest fees.

Bitcoin Address Type Comparison

26 Nov 2020 cryptoforcanadians

27 November 2020
OK, so I'm a wallet dummy. What does this mean exactly from a user's perspective? I don't have any Bitcoin myself, so it is irrelevant to me, but it's still nice to be able to understand this stuff. Let's assume that I bought some BTC using a legacy wallet and have a legacy address. If I get a new wallet with either of the SegWit address types, will my BTC magically appear in the new wallet or do I need to move my BTC to the new address and pay a transaction fee? OR, can I link the 2 wallets and have the old address BTC show up in my new wallet? After all, BTC never actually goes anywhere. We simply assign new values to the BTC ledger. What we need to do is prove that we have access to our BTC allotment via our keys. Explaining that the 3 types of addresses have a different way to identify them doesn't help anyone to make USE of that information if they have no idea what to do about/with it. I see this "partial" information a lot in the cryptocurrency world. It seems that everyone is just supposed to automatically and magically KNOW how to use the bits of information distributed throughout the Internet. No wonder the un-initiated are totally befuddled by crypto-currencies and are hesitant to get into it. When you hand your hard-earned cash to a bank teller, you trust that they will make sure that the money goes into your account. When there IS NO BANK and YOU need to make sure you get all the information correct, it is very frightening, especially when you hear that you need to input the correct routing number and bank ID number even though you have no clue where to get those numbers from. We have used paper cheques for years, yet how many people are sure they know which set of numbers at the bottom of each personal cheque are for what? Now we have this "make belief" money called Crypto that doesn't physically exist and several thousand versions of it that all have their own "set of rules" that are as mysterious as the coins or tokens themselves. Yea... I can understand why the mainstream isn't latching onto this stuff yet. Just to be clear: I'm not ragging on you. I'm simply using this opportunity to showcase the problems of mass adoption. I probably SHOULD have made a post of my own. This started as a simple question and grew from there. Sorry about that.

Decentralization Is PROBABLY Not The "End-All Be-All" of Crypto. Listen To My Reasoning Before You Kill Me.

26 Nov 2020 SkinnerCrypto

26 November 2020
You got it! In politics, every voter has negligible power. By consolidating our votes into one or more individuals, we give great power to those people. The problem is that most voters have no clue who the people they vote for really are! Thus they rely on TRUST that the power-taker is a good candidate and will actually serve in the voter's best interest. The reality is that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the power-taker will work for their own best interest in the end. The laws of nature always win, so no matter what system we use, corruption will rise to the top because of our inborn instinct for self-preservation. This will hold true in politics, crypto-currencies and everything else. The best we can hope for is to constantly seek to keep a balance where efficiency is maximized and ultimate power is kept in check. In other words... keep the system that was working, but make sure you are constantly monitoring it and making small adjustments to refine it as things change.

What is your favourite cryptocurrency; and why?

25 Nov 2020 Dzoelx

26 November 2020
Steem: Because that's where I got my feet wet in the cryptosphere. Etherium: Because I trust what Vitalik Buterin is attempting to do and I like his stated motive. With so many tokens using the ETH smart contracts, I think ETH will be HUGE one day.

Normal internet OR NOIA internet?

23 Nov 2020 Dzoelx

25 November 2020
Perhaps if we put a bug in their ears they will tweak the design a bit and add my wished-for feature? Wouldn't it be great to do away with needing an ISP!

Normal internet OR NOIA internet?

23 Nov 2020 Dzoelx

24 November 2020
Sounds great, but I'm wondering if sending test packets ahead of actual data isn't adding to congestion? My dream is to have universal Internet. By that, I mean we eliminate the middlemen and do not require paying for an Internet connection. If everyone bought new WiFi modem/routers that can also forward data, we could form our own Internet by having data sent to our neighbour and then through their neighbour and so on and so forth until it reaches its destination.


20 Nov 2020 luiskrlos

20 November 2020
Hmmmm... thousands of listeners and millions of songs. Put a million titles in front of anyone and they are truly overwhelmed. The few titles listed at the top may get some hits, but the remainder will remain in obscurity. Why would anyone pay for this kind of "service"?

Are you still getting Brave Rewards?

19 Nov 2020 Bala

20 November 2020
Thanks and same to you! I earned a bunch of BAT before joining Uphold and all that BAT disappeared with nobody that can answer any questions about where it went or how to recover it. The only BAT I have access to is the coins I earned after joining Uphold. Kind of maddening, but what can one do?

Are you still getting Brave Rewards?

19 Nov 2020 Bala

20 November 2020
My understanding is that only on Brave is where the BAT income is declining.

The hacker lost $ 100 thousand when hacking a DeFi project. The money will be given to traders.

19 Nov 2020 Crypto Worker

19 November 2020
How would anyone know that a person is a hacker about to do something bad before it even happens? Is it possible that they stole the "hacker's" money? And what does this say about the security of crypto? If anyone can move funds from the accounts of others and then re-distribute them? This all sounds too strange to me.

Are you still getting Brave Rewards?

19 Nov 2020 Bala

19 November 2020
BAT tokens are like any other coin... they are NOT exclusive to Brave.

Is it time to invest ??

18 Nov 2020 NKthegreat

18 November 2020
You should be aware that billionaires can also make mistakes. If they make a mistake, it isn't so bad because they can recover quickly due to diversity. For those with very little to gamble with, a small mistake could be devastating. Also, by the time we figure out what the billionaires are doing, it may be too late to follow their lead and we get hosed by following them at the wrong time. If only life were so simple...

1500 year old Temple

18 Nov 2020 TheProfessor

18 November 2020
The columns around the doorway look like they could be the legs of a giant statue that has been broken off at the hips.

One Wallet to Rule them all, One Wallet to Save them all

18 Nov 2020 MikeZillo

18 November 2020
You have a very limited number of desktop wallets listed. BRD wallet is very similar to Atomic Wallet, except that BRD is open source. Atomic is not entirely open source and they could update the wallet with malicious code one day. Atomic wallet will not work on older iphones, whereas BRD will.

Baluarte Zoo and Safari Gallery in Vigan, Philippines

17 Nov 2020 tired_momma

17 November 2020
I enjoyed the commentary that went with the photographs. I do believe Chavit Singson enjoys killing things. I would laugh if the animals he hunted were able to use a rifle and kill him from far away. At least if the animals had a fair chance to defend themselves, then it would be a fair challenge and something to be proud of. Having superior killing equipment leaves nothing to be proud of. If I was to make a museum of stuffed animals, I would use the carcasses of animals that had already died from other causes. There is really no need for trophy hunting in order to get hides. I guess that is the difference between me and him; I love life, while he loves only himself and the power to take life. I'm betting he is also a ruthless business man who will do anything to win, regardless of the suffering caused to others. This is not the kind of person I have respect for. If everyone showed their disrespect for people like this, they might change their ways, but unfortunately, many people only see the power and status of these type of people and look up to them. Idolizing these people only makes it so that others want to do the same and become rich and powerful at any cost.

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Sweet Land of Liberty

7 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments Betsy Malone

Sweet Land of Liberty will we lose thee? According to the bible, after being released from bondage in Egypt, the Israelites wandered the desert for forty years, until they finally reached the area where they would permanently settle, known as the Pro...

Blockchain: 2020 Vision

29 Jan 2020 9 minute read comments zogintl

Blockchain: 2020 Vision TOP TAKEAWAYS: 1. In 2020, success stories emerging from the ‘trenches of deployment’ show business value so those that follow can beat a clear path to production. The hard work on delivery in 2018 and 2019 will pay off for p...



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