Looking back at this ... 2020

Looking back at this ... 2020

By szbarnaus | szbarnaus_photography | 29 Dec 2020

Some of you already mentioned in your posts, this strange, terrible and questionable year came to the end(finally or eventually, I don't know - but it's a fact now). I never felt a big deal to end a year and start another, despite I'm a huge fan of journals. To be more specific, I never made a review of the year, so this is a great opportunity to make for the first time. I want to do this on all my blogs. Based on the photographic theme, let me show you some of my photos. All of these were shot along this year.

Usually, I have a main theme or specific themes during a particular month. Besides I work on commercial photographs and editorial projects, prints and design, as part of my journaling habit, I document my steps down the streets as the week goes by. As I told you earlier, I commute with the train to work, so the habit emerged again: working on random photo stories. Or simply just experimenting with ideas.

Yeah, I wasn't productive at all. I made some shots here and there, but when I was hitting rock bottom this year (I'll tell you more about this soon in my cryptopreneur blog) I rather focused on the daily ventures. But I think you had the same issue as well. Nevertheless, I was immensely motivated by you. I stumbled upon this great platform and after I was idle for months, I realized, this is a great community where I can learn a lot. I read every day and motivated by you, I started to do something with my ideas. Every time I saw something, I thought, I need to show this. Every time I caught a moment I felt the urge to document it. By the way, I still have a lot of ongoing projects in the raw form, so I will edit them and show it to you in the future. OK, now I made a ton of work, a ton of projects for myself in the next year. It will be a great time!



Let’s see, how was this year. I didn’t have the motivation to make photographs for myself. Filled with melancholy, bittersweet mood for this year, on the very first day of the year I decided that I'll make photographs again just for fun. After the very first coffee of the year, the Sun was shining with a hopeful light. I rushed out to the gardens, and searched for textures, patterns as my all time favourite subjects. I didn’t have time to take my camera, I just grabbed my phone and used the focus lock to choose the ideal exposure. I came alive again. Later that month, I discovered the majestic dance of the shadows. On the pavement, as I rushed to the train every evening, the silhouettes of the trees were quite interesting in the street light. So I started to capture them. It was great as at different times, different angles resulted in slightly different colours. I almost forget to mention, that firstly I started to share these at my Instagram, which I'll maintain in the future. Still figuring out how can I use it. Follow me, if you are interested. Frozen plants, shapes and textures were the subjects in this period as well.



February as usually was quiet with some cold breeze resulting in dark and contrasty shapes. I liked the alien reliefs on the cold pavements. I choose to capture the streets in the early morning, or after dark. Some days sunny, water drops as well, shining up some light of hope for a better spring. But the frozen mist, candy-like layers on the branches gave me a waste playground. So I stocked to them form one plus days.



March has a good start. Although I heard about the terrible virus, I never realized that will eventually cause us problems. As March came - still cold, still steamy from the train window - the brown, dead scenes remembered us to the pure beauty of the soil. The lights started to feel alive, warm and as the vibrant green buds appeared on the silver branches, my mood turned to optimism and I was waiting for the lush nature to appear. This was a symbol for life, power and hope.



I was scared as the lockdown become more intense and there was no good news about the recovery. As the month past, everything slightly became promising. Daily, I was grateful that I found valuable articles to read about, I was grateful again to Publish0x. I learned a lot about the crypto world and launched some learning projects as well. As I was waiting to my crypto cards to come by the post, mainly I was experimenting with light and shadows (the main subject through the year) I used the shapes and patterns on the carpet, common objects. Also, I wrote an article about my commute, travelling once a week. The empty trains were scarry with melancholic mood and depressed ambient. A shattered window, which I saw several times appeared, and I used it as a symbol of the situation. As the shattered pattern gives a certain charm, an interesting tool to look deep inside us completely hides the clear view of the outside. At that moment, as we were hiding in our homes, looking after activities inside to cope with the distress days, the view of the future was shattered, unclear... Than easter came, and the first green light in the gardens as nature resurrected gave not just hope, but energy. Still, a long way to overcome, but there was hope that something will change. The trains remained empty, mysterious, and nature thrived.


As the month of abundance, lush and warm, fresh air, May didn't disappoint. The ease came after quarantine, so everybody carefully could see their family. Lucky and heartwarming meetings, small picnics in the garden. The train still empty, full of mystery and questions. Pollens glued to the pavement after refreshing rain as a quick shower after jogging just drizzled over the green, deep coloured scenery and every colour were so fat, that I could not leave my camera at home. I was into macro shots, nature and Botanics. Later as I manage to speed up my process, I'll share some of my commercial work as well, but this time let's just snap the daily adventures. The Sun every day became just warmer, shinier and eventually, the sunny day stretched until I came home from the evening train, filled the time with light and joy to shot.



June came. Fields covered in million coloured flower carpet, birds were racing, whistling in the air... I was thirsty for light, wind, smell. I was keen to touch the warm wind, smell the ocean of flowers. I was grateful for everything outside: the wind, rain and sun. I was capturing every little detail what gave me joy on the way between my home, the train station and work. Trains, still mostly empty as abandoned spaceships. Sitting tight, packed with mask and disinfectant, observing the world through the window it seamed so familiar but so strange at the same time. I captured every joyful memory and smiled over the pictures as I swiped through my phone.



I was working on a collection (still in editorial mode, but I'll speed up, I promise) about texture. Particularly old wood, reliefs, colours and natural patterns. Even with my phone as you see, I constantly look for different angles, solutions, making studies about light and colour. Reviewing these photos I realized that I have a ton of work with these prints, photographs (I'll see what form will they get in the end) but I'm moving forward with the project. During the month, as everybody just stepped outside of the streets with masks and carefully distancing, nature became again the place to go. The always-changing colours, light gave such diverse themes and subjects to capture. I loved searching, seeking after these visual stories. Escape continued as a theme, so I made some shots to that collection, and the golden light in the evenings, the reflections and long shadows as I returned home almost daily, gave me such a playground to make something, the month quickly ran out of the view frame.



"August time, not my time" - sings Hildegard Knef, and this year it was true. No holiday, august for me was work:

I finally found some work, so shooting during the commute was particularly relaxing, and challenging at the same time. I saw something, and often time was not available for the shoot, or not just yet, so I enjoyed the changing sun, light situations all the time. Shadows, reflections and light - a constant theme in the process, so I made as many studies as possible. The best part though was, that I changed a little bit about my journal habit. Writing my daily journal, I made an interesting (for me at least) parallel of the daily commute and the time of the day itself. This way, everything fell in schedule and tucked in a timeframe. I enjoyed the evenings, writing down and clearing my thoughts with this process. But I'll tell you about this, later.



September quickly arrived. Whenever the month name appears, I know that I have to be ready for fall. As the season begins, the light hours shrink. I made some crypto-experiments and searching for styles to play with. I had some commercial shoots as well. Mainly I stuck shooting shadows and lights on the road each day. Also, by September, I became much more communicative with my stories. Productivity-wise, I still have a long way to come, but this is one of my goals to the next year (I'll tell you more about this next time.) Shadows, mainly in the morning are fascinating. Interesting colours appeared, so I was looking forward every time I hopped down from the train and start to walk to the office. I started to write, and I quite enjoyed it. So I'll write more in the next year. Period.🙂 And again, I have to thank you, as you guys helped a lot in shaping this habit, motivation... With your helpful comments and valorous tips, I'm sure that finally, in the upcoming much better year, I'll develop this into a habit.



On the very first day of October as I started my day, I see this wonderful leave on the pavement in the way to the train station. Such a majestic piece. I hade to capture. With the warm wings, on the grey background, it looked like the whole year: challenging circumstances, but it's us who makes the difference. It's up to us, to make these times beautiful for us. So I started to make something more. I wrote more, made more pictures, but unfortunately, the job didn't catch up, so I was searching after work to make beneficial changes. October is always the classic fall season. I like the colours, leaves and wind, and everything. I didn't follow through as I planned, but I made some colourful shots. Shadows and textures remained a great inspiration for me. During these times I wanted to get some nostalgia involvement, writing about my journeys, because at these times of the years for more than a decade, I was travelling somewhere. So I'll write about these soon, but searching for projects, working on my daily tasks took away the time what I hoped I can use for storytelling.



At the beginning of November, the weather became slightly warm again. Sunshine and the yellow carpets remained under the trees. Nature gave the opportunity again, to complete the seasonal photoshoots in case somebody missed out. So I enjoyed the colours, but just briefly. Of course, I made a ton of experiments with patterns, textures and shadows. At the end of the month, I took a moody train, travelling shot with my reflection in the empty train just for the memory of this awful year. I hope we will leave behind this period for good.



As we still rock in the last month of the year and have some day left in it, I have to say: I completely found myself back in photography. The process of documenting little things, capture light gave me such energy during 2020. I remember the joy the first time as I started to make photographs. This year I felt again these magical moments, so I thank you all of you the kind comments and now I'm ready to post more frequently in the next year, just to catch up with my projects.

I have a ton of projects in editorial mode, so I'll come up with new visuals. I hope you'll like it. As always, every comment and critics are welcomed and don't forget to enjoy the little things down the way 🙂
Se you in the next year! Have a prosperous, great and HAPPPY NEW Year!


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