Earn on ChainZ Arena's blockchain game.

Earn on ChainZ Arena's blockchain game.

By minehunter007 | minehunter007 | 2 Jul 2020

Hello again, 

This post will be about earning crypto, depending on the fraction you'll choose.
You'll only ever be able to withdrawal from your account with either eth, eos and
or trx.

Now most people would pick trx although it's in my opinion a shit coin.
Always will be a shit coin. And yet this shit coin is still kicking it today.

I have two account's which are in the trx and eos fraction.
Yes I made a trx fraction account because I wanted to enjoy
the double mining that they get from the fraction wars.

Eos might catch up someday thought but it doesn't seem likely
Although anything is possible, still the numbers don't lie.

We're a bit off target and it'll be hard to catch up if.
Everyone creates new trx fraction account constanly.

Anyway, I am mainly mine on my main account, with 1111
souls staked now I can mine 14/15 hours per day. (divs going up lately)

That's if you only buy one hour hammers.
Now to break it down, I'm at stage 15-30
right now and as it stands I mine 0,0294 souls per minute.
0,0294x60= 1,764 souls per hour.

So from divs alone, I can mine 14x1,764= 24,696 souls.

Now to add what I've spend on this and what I would stand to make if I'd
withdrawal this amount of souls daily and sell these to start earning my
investment back!

1st of all I'll do some screenshots of deposits and I'm also aware that
the 1st couple of time I mined I paid with my linked eos wallet so these
amounts are known only on the blockchain itself.

Now you pay around 27 to 29 trx for one hour of mining but lets make this.
easy and just set a mining price at a higher rate so it'll always be unable
too contest these numbers since mining at 30 for an hour hasn't happened or
was close to it a while ago. Anyway it's safe to say you'll hardly pay more
then that right now.

14*30= 420 trx. Now having to withdrawal the souls will take one. Which
means you're left with 23,696 and sell this at say 30 trx as well might not
be easy all the time but let's say you do.

It would mean that you'll have earned a totall of 710,88 trx at that exchange price.
24,696-1x30= 710,88
Now let's say you can't sell at 30, fine!
Selling at 27 trx is still going to give you 639,792 trx.
So you can just go dump them and reinvest or start to cash out this way.
If you think about it this game makes perfect sense.

The main winners in this are the devs tho, they cash in 40% of all the crypto going in.
But 60% is for us and there you get 10% of daily. Not a bad deal for a game!

At least if you enjoythe kick back type of games, I might want to start moving into
more active gaming though. Right now this is just pefect for me because even if
I want to stop playing I'll still be mining that souls amount, just to keep that income.
going. I have to do it now, if I don't I might and up hurting myself.

I do fair that investing in hero's may be a downfall for some. Try to spend less and earn
more I'd say. People like to act like big shoots and say it's better faster, sometimes
things are better left to the speed you choose to go at. Not what a game forces you to do!

Choose wisly but know this is a good way to go about it. 3 months and you're safe.
Now I build trx account spend around 2500 to 2700 trx on this.
I can roi out and it doesn't take long. If you're aware of what you're doing.
You can't really go wrong!

Mining right now is bad as it's on stage 7-30 and with purple hero's that's not likely to
ever change a lot as well.
However I'm mining at 1,1 souls now. I should wait and so I have stopped mining there,
because with my +100 souls staked there, I can barely mine two hours let alone one hour.
So waiting on the fraction day doules that mining reward and so you earn twice as fast.
If you create a couple of these, I'll create a nice flow of souls over time, amagine getting.
to 500 on this account while you're already aware. that I've roi'd out with doing a withdrawal
weekly here and there. I have to get out 2700 and did 270 once already. So for a month old account
I can't complain at all!

As you know 110 souls is worth around 2700-3000 trx it's easy to see how fast you can protect
yourself from this game. Get in, get out your cash and earn from your earning later on for as
long as this game will be around. How is this game not being overrun, I don't get it!

Anyway, stay away as long as you like. meanwhile we're cashing in and out lol

Hope this helped a bit. Cheers and see you later!

Donate EOS: minehunterss
Donate TRX: TXo5o3xRyvQdhfkTSeKAvD6W7CUXYwQ1oE
Donate BTC: 1JbtvqAmbk4facuQgcYjpCXUyUc34btEg2
Thanks in advance hehehe

this is my main account with all the numbers to check if you like too!



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