Gigabet's 2nd review.

Gigabet's 2nd review.

By minehunter007 | minehunter007 | 6 Feb 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to my post!

Welcome to Gigabet, where you never have to depo to play but it's limited of course.


1st of all I want to say that betting and gambling
site's are pure evil and a good way to make your crpyto ballance decrease
really fast without getting any possitive outcome!

2nd thing I want to say is that some places, rarely allow you to get a payment out without doing any kind of deposit 1st.

And lastly, this post will prove to you that some places do allow the poor to get some kind of profits out of a site without any lose but time of course.

So we all know site's earn also per click. So site's like this make money but also have to pay for chatrrooms, address domain and possibly some % to the games they run on the site as well. Not totally sure about the last bit. It's possble tho.

So what does that mean, well it means the more people they can get on the site and play daily, they earn from it.

I have made two cashouts without depo's. I'll post the proof below now.

Also, I wanted to say that Opera GX is really smooth for gaming sites. So look into that as well if you
have issues with gaming sites!

Anyway you can see the dates and now I'll post the depo's I did.


So as you can see, it shows 2 withdrawals and the dates and time are all before the date of my 1st depo :)

Now let's talk about how to get this free crpyto!

All you need to do is chat, I can show you logs of mega rain, rain (which is from players personaly) and then you have the rainbot
which doesn't say when you get mega or normal rain. But I'll show you my mega rains now so you'll get an idea of what to expect!

btw check the time in the right corner below to see how long this is taking me to make this post!

Kidding :p

Right back to being serious!

As you can see I got only 3 per month. Not complaining tho because rain and the rainbot plus the faucet keep you pretty busy.

Now I would do as many are doing there and don't play like I do, lot's of people seem to chat and only bet super low and safe.

Meaning they never lose because they don't bet anything really lol

But how do they withdrawal crypto if they don't play you may ask yourself now well, i've talked to a awesome player and he
told me to exchange all my crypto to one and withdrawal so in a way you might be able to get that one withdrawal without 
ever having to bet!

In a way, it's hard to lose any crypto if you can clean out your wallets this way. Haven't tested, so can't say more about this.

Maybe they'll see you did that and cancel the withdrawal but I don't think so. any crypto you get is yours to do as you please
with it after all.

Personally I can't tell if the exchange on gigabet is fair or not, I'm sure there's a cost to having that on the site as well and 
the users have to pay a fee of some kind, I don't even know which exchange or where they get the value's from to do a fair trade.

Right now it's a question mark and I asked in chat and even Wolfcub ( one of the kindest Mod's I've ever meet) said he doesn't
know either.

Also Wolfcub agreed with me on the fact that it's best for us to just gamble with giga coins from the faucet since you can claim this
whenever one is available. 

I'll share the strat I use mostly on giga too.


Also you see more options if you do not wish to lose all your giga tokens set max bet 


Make sure this is set before you start auto, otherwise it'll not count.


Now this is what it normally says on speed for 1 and most of the time I do this just to 
hunt for a winning number when mod's are reward games in chat. Like number hunt.

So I set up it like this instead.



Right, I think this covers some of my options about gigabet.

They're very good, but that could change in a flash as we all know.

The moment you start to lose crypto and start to bleed, you'll feel less and less.
Like you can win ever. Do not let them get your crypto, don't do all in's.
Don't do high amounts of betting like I have done, it'll bust your up fast.

And maybe 1 out of the 50 times you do this it'll give a win.

All dice games are aware of high number bets and will auto lose pretty much 99% of the time/

Don't do it!

Anyway, it would be awesome if you join up with my ref link I'll post this all below.

PS: Never ever get involved with Trustdice that site is the devils handy work!

Good luck and my the force be wih you! F*ck the force sh*t man, I'm kidding!

C'ya next time ;)


I ran into a max bet, it's fun to be able to add this before this post is going live ;) sorry fot the link instead of a picture. I'm kinda in a rush now.

GigaBet's telegram launch soon! Surprise to come, stay tuned...

Now I'm really off! And I hope you enjoyed my post!  


Just a guy trying to make his way into the crypto world ;)


Data analogies about cryptography charts and technical analysis make everyone an expert now a days. I'm just going to cover my thoughts. And Arqma is just a group that I respect a lot. That's all!

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