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👙SpankChain  -  Livestreaming Sex and Crypto

1 week ago Christine $8.28 (2,538.1145 BNTY)

My new obsession is live streaming on SpankChain. I’ve never been a “cam girl” so I’m kind of surprised I’m so addicted to it. I joined three or four days ago and I have been streaming crypto/life talks nonstop everyday. The other night was the mos...

10,000 BANANO Giveaway!

3 weeks ago Christine $3.57 (1,093.7217 BNTY)

What the heck is BANANO? Banano is a fun, potassium rich crypto you'll want to HODL! It is feeless and instant to send. Their slick Kalium wallet app (iOS and Android) even has a paper wallet option. I have partnered with Banano to give away a tota...

💻😀 Publish0x  - Where Writers AND Readers Get Paid

23 Feb 2019 Christine $4.67 (1,430.4774 BNTY)

✍🏻 A Self-Publishing Platform Review I am always on Medium and Steemit. So I am excited to have found another platform where writers get paid for publishing articles. Publish0x is like a mix of Medium and Steemit. What I found unique about Publish0x...