👙SpankChain  -  Livestreaming Sex and Crypto

👙SpankChain  -  Livestreaming Sex and Crypto

By Christine | Spank Fans | 13 Mar 2019



My new obsession is live streaming on SpankChain. I’ve never been a “cam girl” so I’m kind of surprised I’m so addicted to it. I joined three or four days ago and I have been streaming crypto/life talks nonstop everyday. The other night was the most interesting stream of all, we discussed how humanity is most likely living in a Matrix style simulation and how we are/will be (because time is not linear like we think it is) most likely staking our physical bodies like we would crypto tokens to provide energy for our non-physical selves to be immersed into the computer network.

Anyways, so how I found SpankChain was by searching for another way to connect with people interested in crypto in addition to publishing articles, and live streaming seemed like the best way to do it. I started out on DLive but I found that it was mostly gamers on there, similar to Twitch. Since I enjoy gaming myself I thought it would be a good fit. I used to work at Blizzard because I played World of Warcraft (Night Elf Rogue) so much. League of Legends was my game of choice after that. But now I don’t really game much so I found myself not being able to have good conversations with the DLive community who either only wanted to talk about gaming or speak Turkish.

Then I found SpankChain. Wow! SpankChain has really used crypto to revolutionize the cam girl industry. The major issues that cam models have while streaming on traditional platforms is that most of the time the platform will take a large percentage of their tips/earnings, half or sometimes more and on top of that the platform will also take weeks or months to issue payment to the model. Viewers use pay the models with SpankChain’s ERC20 based token, BOOTY. 1 BOOTY always equals $1 so the conversion is simple and SpankChain only takes 5% of each transaction. The models are able to cash out their BOOTY instantly for ETH.

And every time a viewer tips or buys something from a model’s menu a sexy tune plays: de de de due nue! So good. 😆

I was a little hesitant at first because I didn’t know how my content would fit in but it turns out the SpankChain community is all about variety. Every cam model offers different things on their SpankChain menu. Masturbating, titties, sex (both kinky and non-kinky), dildos, getting high, you name it, they offer it. 😊Um just a side note, my SpankChain menu doesn’t include those things! Mine has crypto talk and maybe sometimes legs (I have been told I have nice legs). 🤗

My favorites to watch are:
River Sunshine is a saucy blonde minx who puts on quite a show. The other night she was getting spanked on her bare bottom by her boyfriend until her ass was red!
CutiezFeetiez goes wild in her streams! Spread eagle, the works.
SevMira, a gorgeous trans woman whose forte is masturbating.
Skirt Douglas, oh man what a pleasant character. They are non-binary, meaning they don't identify themselves exclusively as either gender. If it James McAvoy’s character in Split were a good guy, it would totally be Skirt. All the wackiness without the bad stuff!
TantraPunk specializes in tantric sex but I think he is saving his performance for the right time. He is always streaming shirtless while he sometimes eats sardines.
If you like gaming streams BigBlackHorn offers that!

Because SpankChain is still in Beta there are some features that are lacking:

  • You can only watch from the computer (PC/Mac) or an Android Device. Can’t watch/stream from an iPhone.
  • No app
  • Missing a monthly subscription option to models


190903265-6136922c0b2bb1c1335c1dd79fa640729d8249345b0ce1e7a9e189f581dbe146.png  Please do come and chat with me on SpankChain, I would love to chat with/meet my fellow Publish0x writers/readers! My SpankChain username is look


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