My Harvest Finance experience on BSC

By Simplify Crypto | Simplify Crypto | 20 Apr 2021

Before I start explaining my experience with Harvest Finance at Binance Smart Chain, let's explain what it does, what it has to offer users.

Harvest Finance is a earnings optimizer for being a liquidity provider that divides a percentage of the APY to win the token in which we are providing liquidity and another part to win bFarm.


As we can see in the example above, the pool has an APY of 2867.13% where 2233.3% refer to the token that we are providing liquidity and 633.83% refer to the bfarm token.

What types of pools are supported at Harvest?

There are different types of pools with different protocols.
There are pools that are exclusive to Harvest and there are pools that use other projects like Venus, Pancake, Goose, bDollar and 1Inch.


Before Harvest arrived at BSC most of the protocols related to the LP's stake either gave only the platform's own token or increased our LP's by creating new LP's with the LP's earnings.

For me, harvest is the best solution because we earn the token that we provide liquidity and bfarm, because the user may not want to increase their exposure to the token that has LP and thus can always sell those gains and still gain an added value which is the bFarm token.

My Harvest Finance Experience

I entered and switched over to see the Binance Smart Chain farms


Then I connected my wallet on the website


In my case I chose BSC and then as I use MetaMask I chose it but if you use another wallet you can still connect it in the same.


After that I chose the pool that wanted to stake I clicked on the "MAX" button and "Deposit"


After approving the transactions, I immediately started earning bFarm which, if I wanted, I could already claim and receive them in my wallet.

Now, I can sleep, work and be with my family and earn my bFarm without having to worry about anything.

In my opinion it is very simple and intuitive to use for anyone with minimal knowledge in crypto and defi.

If you have not yet tried this platform you should try it because it is well worth it.

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