NFTs prepare to enter the world of luxury fashion

By Simplify Crypto | Simplify Crypto | 7 Apr 2021

Fashion companies are probing the market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The statement was given by Marjorie Hernandez, founder of Lukso's blockchain platform.

Companies in a variety of industries are realizing how profitable their jobs can be turned into NFTs, and so this ecosystem continues to develop and expand.

The first to comment was the Gucci brand.

According to Hernadez, the point will be who will start the race for profits with digital tokens.

This will be one of the paths to be followed by major brands and luxury brands, said Hernandez.

This is because mainly luxury brands are lagging behind in e-commerce, and so they want to invest in new technologies.

Another company that has already talked about the subject was Neuno.

The company works with several luxury brands, and the idea is to work with a digital wardrobe.

Company representatives said the idea is to insert trendy pieces on digital platforms so that people can take pictures of pieces used in fashion shows and events to post on social networks.

It is thus a new endeavor for the NFT market, which until then had focused on the sale of collectible tokens, works of art, and entertainment products such as music and videos.

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