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TokenWarriors – an in-depth overview

2 weeks ago casp0or $5.09 (951.9288 BNTY)

TokenWarriors is a funny browser-based game on the Ethereum blockchain. In the following article, I like to give you a brief overview on how to breed, fight, and succeed. We designed our frontend to be fully compatible with the Eth-Blockchain with au...

TokenWarriors — New “Warriors” on the Ethereum BlockChain

24 Apr 2019 casp0or $4.93 (920.3296 BNTY)

Token Warriors is a simple, funny game and it is based on theEthereum Blockchain. (Gas costs not excluded)TokenWarriors allows players to purchase, collect, breed, sell and fight your warriors. Breed and sell various types of virtual TokenWarriors or...