TokenWarriors - All about the Market-System and "how to make money" with your Warriors

TokenWarriors - All about the Market-System and "how to make money" with your Warriors

By casp0or | TokenWarriors | 14 Jun 2019


TokenWarriors are back with some neat information about our Market-System and how to make money with your Warriors. Also, I want to show you how you can buy a "Buff" or a "Potion" for your Warrior to have an advantage over your enemy in PvE, PvP or even in the new EthArena. Items can only be bought with in-game gold, so I think I have to explain this a little bit too.

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Item Shop

I like to start with our Item-Shop where you can buy a "Buff" or a "Potion" for your Warriors. It is a very easy task, and the benefits are great.


Here you can see all the different kinds of "Buffs" and "Potions" the shop has to offer. Just click on one of them and you are presented with the stats and cost right above the buy buttons. "Potions" and "Buffs" last only one fight. If the fight is over and the transaction is mined, our SmartContract removes all items from your Warrior except from one. But I will tell you more about this later. Now let's move on to some serious stuff...


All of these items can only be bought with our in-game currency gold. The gold currency here at TokenWarrios is NOT an ERC21 token and can´t be sold on an exchange. Since we don´t want to make an ICO, we decided to make it this way. Though, the gold currency is still held and tracked by our SmartContract, so you don´t have to worry about this. It's just an in-game currency

If you run out of gold, you can acquire more by fighting PvE or PvP fights. but you can also use our "Buy Gold" function. You can open it if you click on the gold currency icon near your current gold value on top of the screen.


Or you can scroll to the bottom of the page and open it from there.


But enough of buying gold... I hope you have some left over, so I can show you how easy you can buy a "Buff" or a "Potion" for your Warrior. If you managed to find something useful, the only thing you have to do is, choosing the slot where you want to have your bought item. Every Warrior has two slots for "Buffs" and two for "Potions". 

Be careful with choosing your slot. If you already own a "Buff" or a "Potion" on this slot, so yeah... it will be overwritten. 


After the transaction is mined, our previous mentioned "Waiting-System" will reflect the changes immediately. There you have it, a Warrior full with potions and buffs.


Cooldown Reduction Potion 

Now I have a little hint for you and your Warriors. If you don´t want to wait after your PvE or PvP fights for the cooldown, you can buy a "cooldown reduction potion" from our "Item-Shop". This is currently the only "Potion" which last longer than one fight. You can buy it in three different sizes.



Warrior Market

Nice you made it down here, I think it is time to show you, how you can make money or better Ethereum with your Warriors. Like mentioned in the previous article "TokenWarriors – an in-depth overview" our Warriors are ERC721 tokens which can be sold like every other token. For this case, we designed our marketplace to do so. 

The search function can be used if you know a Warrior-ID and you want to search for it in the market. No result means that this Warrior is not present on the market.


Here you can see our three markets. First comes our "GenZero" market where you can buy all sorts of "GenZero" Warriors. These Warriors are named "GenZero" because they consist of all parts from a single generation. Your first free Warrior is also a mix between the first 5 "GenZero" Warriors. New Warrior generations can also only be bought here.


Next comes the part you are here for ;) the "Player´s ETH market" and the "Players Gold Market". Here you can find all sorts of Warrior bred and trained by other players like you.


To sell a Warrior you just need to open its information page from your "My Warrior" page. Choose a Warrior and click on it. If your Warrior has currently no cooldown, then you can start to sell. Click the "Sell on Market" button and you are ready to go.


After you clicked the button, you are presented with a page where you can insert the amount of Ethereum or the amount of in-game gold to your liking. Here you can insert the amount for gold or Ethereum in the same field. For Ethereum, please choose a number which represents a valid value like "0.1" or "1.34". If you want to sell your Warrior for in-game gold, then you can insert a number between 1-10000 or even more. After you have found a suitable number, you can either use the button "Sell for ETH" or "Sell for GOLD". 


When the transaction is mined, your Warrior can be found by other players in the "ETH Market" or the "Gold Market". You can increase the value of your Warrior by fighting PvE or PvP and gain a higher level than the other players. 

Now good luck at selling Warriors on the market. 


By the way, the planned "ETH-Arena" where you can fight against other player and win or lose a set amount of Ethereum is almost ready to go, be prepared for an announcement.

Hope to see you playing on

Best regards
TokenWarriors Team - casp0or

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