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Finally CoinGeko brings SWAG back for Rewards and I cant afford

24 Sep 2020 1 minute read 3 comments Testing1234

Finally, CoinGeko brings SWAG back for Rewards and I can't afford it.   So I currently have over 2000 Candies and I noticed CoinGeko rewards just placed a new reward but its worth a whopping 5000 candies, are they crazy !?!?!?! But wait, it does come...

CoinGeko Candies - Rewards - I have 1850 candies now what :(

8 Sep 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Testing1234

CoinGeko - My Candies    My journey of getting 1850 candies and not having anything to buy them with, I even wanted to donate them and it was fully redeemed :(    Storytime... So it wasn't that long ago, literally maybe a month, that I came across an...

CoinGecko Rewards "Collect over 100 candies in one day What?!?

6 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Testing1234

It would seem that in the last few months good old CoinmarketCap has been replaced by CoinGecko, at least according to the YouTubers who have quietly stopped using Coin Market Cap and instead use Coin Gecko, except for those times where Coin Gecko is...

Brave Browser needs our input ! (aka, Brave Ads Survey)

15 Jul 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Testing1234

Good old surveys... Whether its the U.S. Consensus survey or Ph.D. surveys that I need to create for my dissertation (Quantitative studies) or even the survey results that are constantly talked about in the news or social media, it would seem that Su...


Warning !!! Tron (TRX) Is Going To Hit The Long Term Support And Its Market Structure

26 Sep 2020 moon333

27 September 2020
when ADA staking on ATOMIC wallet though ?!?

Finally CoinGeko brings SWAG back for Rewards and I cant afford

24 Sep 2020 Testing1234

24 September 2020
I heard in a recent interview with the founder I believe from CoinGeko that they were aware of how much ppl like the Candies option and were going to offer more rewards and even possibly change the revolving rewards to not reset from 100 back to 10 and instead continue or something better than just resetting

My experience with XYO (XY Oracle or Coinapp.co)

19 Sep 2020 Iuliu

19 September 2020
this issue with the conversion from an ERC20 token reminds me of my current dilemma... I bought BAND token from Coinbase pro but its pre MAINNET, ERC20 token, and now I need to convert to MainNET BAND token to start staking :( Atomic Wallet is amazing but cant convert Band ERC20 for me and still waiting for ADA staking

My Favorite Ways to Get Passive Crypto Income

12 Sep 2020 johnwege

13 September 2020
What about farming 🍣😀

Why I Am Buying AWC While Many Are Dropping Atomic Wallet

9 Sep 2020 Sapphire

10 September 2020
when ADA stake :) Overall Atomic Wallet has been amazing for me and currently using it for staking COSMOS <- hope I didn't spell that wrong, and BAND, and AWC and XTZ

CoinGeko Candies - Rewards - I have 1850 candies now what :(

8 Sep 2020 Testing1234

09 September 2020
Crossing my fingers over here that the T-shirt will come back. Regarding the rewards, I also noticed that the one for Ivan on Tech is not any better than Ivan on Tech offers from his youtube channel. On a side note, Ivan on Tech is amazing for learning (not sure much for training but yeah) https://lbry.tv/@ivanontech:a

Explaining the new changes in Publish0x

7 Aug 2020 deleted000032

07 August 2020
Quick and Concise article. Thank you.

Problems with Presearch

3 Aug 2020 Cryptopsycho21

06 August 2020
I hate saying it, but yeah, it is slower. And everyone who I demo Pre-search realizes as well, though I tell myself that it's worth the wait, praying the token price moons in a year hahaha

Problems with Presearch

3 Aug 2020 Cryptopsycho21

06 August 2020
I normally just get the one ad at most. For example, just searched for the word "delimitations" and was only presented with one ad regarding the ability to buy ads fun enough, lol. I completely agree with you though that having to scroll through pages of ads would be discouraging and have to admit that roughly 15% of the time I must use google as their search engine is still better at times.

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Amazon are launching a new Echo but have made a house I wouldn't want to live in

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As has been the case for over a decade now, Esports has been a booming industry, seeing huge growth in marketshare as gamers age and vote with their money by contributing to this relatively newly found sector. This has only been furthered by the fact...

Ampleforth AMA from 10th September - Summary

10 Sep 2020 3 minute read comments Ampleforth

Ampleforth runs a Bi-Weekly “office hours” session (AMA) on Discord in which we try to answer any questions put forward by AMPL holders. Today, office hours were held by Brandon Iles, founder of Ampleforth, alongside Simon Manka, Head of Growth. If y...

USDC supported on Algorand Blockchain, ALGO price increased by 20%

10 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments HenryDo

The Center's USDC stablecoin is currently backed by the Algorand blockchain, the second blockchain to support stablecoins. USDC is the second largest stablecoin after Tether with over 7% of the global market share, and although USDC is less popular t...

Why I Am Buying AWC While Many Are Dropping Atomic Wallet

9 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments Sapphire

The Recent Airdrop Removal Has Been Exaggerated  I know a lot of people are really disappointed by the decision of Atomic Wallet to remove the airdrop campaign that rewarded wallet users for onboarding new users to Atomic Wallet. I too was unhappy ab...

Publish0x User Account Reference Guide

9 Sep 2020 7 minute read comments Smoljanović

Publish0x User Account Reference Guide Publish0x Publishing Platform Publish0x is a crypto agnostic online publishing platform that rewards readers and authors for both reading and writing articles.  The platform provides an exponentially increasing...



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