Coingeko Releases New Swag Pack (t-shirts, mugs, notebooks and stickers!!!)

By Testing1234 | iLuvBATbrowser | 1 Oct 2022

It gives me great honor to announce that not only has Coingeko finally released a new swag back but more importantly I was smart/dumb enough to buy it :)  


Note. For the original OG Coingeko Swag pack, you were able to use coingeko candies to get it for free which I can proudly say is what I did.  Just recently started using the notebook as my gym/exercise journal.


I'll do an unboxing video and upload it to LBRY (anyone else hoping that they will win against the SEC and then apparently XRP goes to the moon, luckily for me I sold all my XRP and just have the SONGBIRD token to prove I was once an XRP believer).  


In conclusion, a big thank you to all Publish0x authors and all the good advice you give and maybe not-so-good advice, ha joking of course, and most importantly thank you to all Publish0x readers for your support.  Luckily I have Grammarly installed cause in reading comments on other articles people really don't like misspelling or bad grammar.


Wondering how to collect Coingeko candies, feel free to watch the below video.  BTW, just realized that I made that video more than a year ago, damn!, BTC was an 10k-ish, and ETH was at 300 dollars, and even crazier BAYC probably didn't even exist, how time flies by.  Good times.

Never heard of LBRY or Odysee, feel free to join using my link,$/invite/@blabla002:e




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