CoinMarketCap youtube channel released Presearch Interview #PreToTheMoon

By Testing1234 | iLuvBATbrowser | 3 Nov 2021

Don't Google it, Presearch it!!!


If you know, you know right :)

For starters, I will admit that I mostly use Coingeko as opposed to CoinMarketCap for getting price updates, though honestly the short <10min daily update videos from CoinMarketCap has me hooked.  Human attention span is getting smaller and smaller by the year and subscribing to these youtube channels with quick, informative news is a must!

With 210K subscribers, CoinMarketCap has released an interview video with the CEO of Presearch, and I must say he offers additional insight into the company/employees that I haven't heard in other past interviews.


Don't forget to collect your Diamonds on CointMarketCap, :)


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