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By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 3 Jul 2021

A lot has been happening within the Splinterlands ecosystem, from exciting new updates just around the corner, to ongoing Twitter battles, to a brand new governance token and a chance to earn some major airdrop points! Not everyone is able to come to the weekly Discord AMAs with the founders or stay up on the latest from the Splinterlands OFFICIAL HIVE BLOG, so here's a little update for all you lovely Pub0xers to sink your teeth into.


You may have seen this tag making appearances around social media. Yep, the official Splinterlands Twitter account was suspended over a week ago. Had we violated their terms or rules, we may be inclined to accept our punishment, but we have always played ball with the mainstream social media platform, using it as a tool to reach new potential players as well as our existing community. Twitter has still given us no reason for the suspension, but they did inform us via a curt response merely signed "Twitter" that they will no longer listen to our appeals. Hence the birth of the community's defense of the game they love: #freesplinterlands.



HERE is the original response to the Twitter ban from the Splinterlands official blog.

HERE is the one-week-later post after our "suspension" was made permanent.

If you hate censorship and value the rights of independent blockchain games like Splinterlands to express themselves on social media, we humbly call for your support. Help us make sure enough people hear this story, which needs to be told. If this can happen to a game as trusted and established as Splinterlands, it can happen to pretty much anyone.

Rental Market is Coming


This major update to Splinterlands is coming early next week, and it is yet another example of Splinterlands pioneering in the play-to-earn NFT gaming space. Card rentals have been possible in Splinterlands for some time because of the ability to delegate various authorities on the Hive blockchain. Basically, you can delegate the use of certain cards to another account with just a few simple clicks. The original third party marketplace, Peakmonsters.com, took this idea further and implemented a system of smart contract rentals over a year ago. Users of Peakmonsters have been able to either rent cards for a daily cost on a term basis (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc.), or lease out their own extra cards to earn some passive income.

Not every player of Splinterlands is also a user of Peakmonsters, and there has always been a slight learning curve to understanding the way that the Hive blockchain uses multiple interfaces (Splinterlands, Peakmonsters, Peakd.com, Hive.blog, etc.). For some time, players have been asking for an updated rental system within the game. Finally, that updated system is ready to be unveiled and coming early next week.

Not only will the new rental system thrust card rentals into the Splinterlands spotlight, raising rental activity to an all-time high, but it also comes with new features that will make renting cards or leasing out cards simpler than ever before. For example, rather than having to rent a single card for a full contracted term, players will now be able to rent cards on a daily basis. This will allow players who rent to reevaluate their collections each day depending on upcoming tournaments, Daily Quests, Brawl Frays and more! That's just one of the exciting new updates to the rental system that's coming. For a complete list, make sure you watch the Splinterlands Hive blog early next week for a detailed announcement breakdown.

SPS is Coming


If you haven't heard about Splintershards (SPS), the new Splinterlands governance token yet, I'm not sure where you've been hiding (hopefully on a beach somewhere). This token is a game-changer that will add many new dimensions to the Splinterlands ecosystem, and it will be awarded to anyone and everyone who holds Splinterlands assets beginning later this month (exact date TBA).

The full supply of Splintershards will be released over the course of 65 months (DISTRIBUTION BREAKDOWN HERE). 13.33% of that supply is reserved for player airdrops throughout the first year. Rather than using a snapshot system that rewards holders based on a single time or date, airdropped SPS will be awarded daily based on the number of airdrop points represented in each player's collection. Everything in Splinterlands counts toward these airdrop points: Cards, DEC, Packs, Skins, Land, Totems, Titles, Champion Points, etc. It doesn't even matter if you hold your Splinterlands assets on another blockchain; you'll still get the airdrop points. Check out the detailed AIRDROP POINT BREAKDOWN HERE.

Other exciting features of SPS include (but are not limited to)

Community Governance
DAO on Binance Smart Chain
Staking for Additional Rewards
Special Promos and Deals
More Playing to Earn
Staking on Individual Players
More Liquidity
LP Incentives

For all the details, read the well-organized WHITEPAPER.

Guild Brawl Updates - including NEW CARDS!

The Guild Brawl team led by @Cryptomancer has been hard at work preparing the next rollout of the Guild Brawl system, which has a lot of juicy new features. Remember, Guild Brawls are entirely collaborative, meaning that everyone is playing for the benefit of the entire Guild. These new features and updates will create even more incentives for players to get involved in the team game!

One of the most exciting new features coming is the addition of Gladiators - This set of around 30 new Guild-exclusive cards will soon be released into the Brawl game. These Gladiators will not be playable in classic Ranked play, but every Guild will want them to get a powerful edge in the Brawls! You'll see one picture below, whose image was leaked in yesterday's AMA. Meet Alva the Crusher.


The Gladiators will be joined by even more new features like Merits (additional rewards) and Tactics (that will shake up gameplay and keep brawlers on the edge of their seats). Here's another sneak peak shared by Cryptomancer in the AMA...


It has not yet been announced when exactly these new features will be implemented into Guild Brawls, but the development is in final stages and it won't be long!

Game of the Month


Splinterlands has been announced as Game of the Month on MarketSquare.io, the new homepage for the decentralized web. MarketSquare was created by ARK.io as a multipurpose resource, directory and social site for blockchain projects, developments and users. 

The platform is currently in beta testing, and they are looking for users who would like to join early and interact with other projects by making connections and writing reviews. If you would like early access to the site, I can hook you up with a code. Just send me a message on Discord, where you'll find me in the SPLINTERLANDS COMMUNITY.

DYGYCON 4 - July 17th


Don't miss the fourth DYGYCON event in our digital convention expo powered by Gamerjibe, on 7/17 from 2-5pm EST! We've got new sponsors, free stuff and tons of fun planned for the three hour event, and best of all, it's free!

Pre-register HERE


DYGYCON on Pub0x
DYGYCON on Twitter


See you on the battlefield!

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