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Basic Attention Token: a solid case for this sleeping giant

23 Sep 2020 CivilWar

24 September 2020
I am a Brave user myself, it's my main browser, but I wonder how long can this financial model continue. You mentioned reading the news on a website full of advertisement and changing to Brave in order to be able to read the news in a more clear and quieter format, and by doing so you have manifested the conflict that I have with Brave and that is that it is putting the livelihood of our content creators at risk, for example the news website that you were reading. Those ads pay the salary of the writers that you enjoyed reading their work. Brave basically steals their content creation that make you sit infront of the screen and uses it to make a profit while showing you its own ads. It is something that I myself am struggeling with. The way I have found to solve part of this conflict is to get my news from naitonal public broadcasters that are being paid by my taxes, but that only solves part of the problem. Even uses ads that are blocked by brave, and we all get paid from those ads.

News: Bitcoin 200-week moving average hints price will never go below $6.7K

24 Sep 2020 The Lebanese Girl

24 September 2020
Wow, big change in your articles, looks like you came a long way from experimenting with wallets to trading analysis.

Free BANANO NFTs are Here! MonKeyprinter go BRRR!

19 Sep 2020 banano

20 September 2020
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My C.J. ep. 12 Stupid step or not?

24 Aug 2020 The Lebanese Girl

25 August 2020
If you're interested in staking Tron (TRX) is somewhat easy to start with. Tron's price is quite low ($0.024) and you can start staking with one coin in Atomic wallet for 5% a year. The only place that I can vouch for getting Tron from is cryptofaucet:, it requires a few log ins a day, but you should be able to withdraw one Tron after a day to your Atomic wallet and stake it.

Official BananoJob #9: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x users (200k BAN)!

16 Aug 2020 banano

17 August 2020

Who Is Actually Responsible for Your Health?

11 Aug 2020 TheDesertLynx

11 August 2020
In general I agree with you, but what about the next scenario: The guy asking you to put on a mask did it not because he cares about himself, but he cares about OTHERS. He is not asking you to be responsible for his health, He is asking you not to put others, sicker people, at risk. I think there is no clear answer, this will be part of the never ending discussion of individual vs society

Brave. Oh Yea!

9 Aug 2020 Grumpybrit

09 August 2020
Completely agree. Haven't seen ads in weeks. No response on the support forum which are flooded by people who don't read past messages and keep posting new messages about them not getting paid... I have to say that I did get paid for the new tab advertisement.

A Happy Article: I got a crypto job and 100 followers

30 Jul 2020 The Lebanese Girl

05 August 2020
Hey Lebanese Girl, Are you ok? in good health?

Earn 2% APY "Staking" DAI on Coinbase

30 Jul 2020 Thomas Wolf

30 July 2020
How would you compare it to Nexo's saving accout? They give 8% interest from the first DAI, and claim not to take any fees? What would be Binance's advantages ? From I undersand Nexo is a Cefi platform which is a disadvantage

My favourite new Publish0x features (plus the ones I wish they'll add next)

28 Jul 2020 MadMaxx

29 July 2020
Here's a feature I was thinking about. A list of subjects to write about offered by the readers? voted on once a week by the readers? given trough lottery to proven quality writers? If a subject was already covered the person asking for it could be guided to the article by other readers? writers? automatic tagging bot?

CeFI Diaries #1- Why I Decided to Try out Nexo!

25 Jul 2020 SamBTC

28 July 2020
Have you been able to use the Nexo wallet address to recieve the DAIs from Publish0x?

Due to Popular Demand: Vite Airdrop Round 3 - Claim Your Share of 3 Million BANANO!

28 Jun 2020 banano

26 July 2020
Dear Banano Monkeys. It seems that the VITE airdrop just doesn't work. Two days ago I posted a message asking for help on their airdrop support forum and didn't get any response. When I see the rest of the comments I think it's time to consider that maybe VITE isn't the way to go. I say that not as an angry customer , but as a community member wanting to see the Banano project grow and succeed. Thank you for all of your work and being so welcoming.

CeFI Diaries #1- Why I Decided to Try out Nexo!

25 Jul 2020 SamBTC

26 July 2020
Thank you for the review! It helped me a lot

How to avoid the stupid high gas fees: My method!(Change your Publish0x earnings to ETH, no matter how low!)

25 Jul 2020 MadMaxx

25 July 2020
So if I understood correctly the process is: 1. Crypto currency (lets say loopring) is being sent from publish0x to the exchange (changenow in your case) 2. In the exchange , a predefined deal chages the currency to XRP, which gets sent to your private wallet. 3. With your new XRP you go again to an exchange (lets say change now) and change the XRP to ETH which gets sent to back to your private wallet. Thats your process, right? So here is my question : Doesn't the third phase of your process (XRP to ETH) require gas and fees ? Thank you for your article!

Official BananoJob #6: BANANO Airdrop to all Publish0x users (200k BAN)!

11 Jul 2020 banano

19 July 2020

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Brave keeps its promise to make exceptional mid-month payment

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Is cryptocurrency addictive? I think so!

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4 News From This Week You Should Know (13 to 20 September)

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Weekly Crypto News Roundup - 15 Stories You Should Know About (13th of September - 20th of September)

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