MATIC faucet coming to Pipeflare!

By Shimmy shim | One coin at a time | 14 Oct 2021

Something interesting is happening in Pipeflare , a gaming and cryptocurrency platform.

First, there is some big update that is about to be announced in about 30 hours, I wonder what it could be? maybe something with Polygon/Matic?
As a growing "Sidechain" project of ETH, Polygon allows scaling of ETH based projects in a fraction of the cost. Are Pipeflare and its FLR token about to join the Polygon network? Maybe a new staking pool on one of the popular DEFI platforms?
This is only a theory but the clue for this is the replacement of the old DOGE  Faucet with a new MATIC faucet.90a2c4f31c203b40d75aa7c7700c196d7185c771937fad03e7f21ce16fdf36d3.png

For me this is a great development as I've recently had the opportunity to rediscover DEFI by the use of MATIC in order to add liquidity to the wBAN pool on Sushiswap, and finally I was able to join Harvest finance.

Using faucets could be annoying, it's a very small reward for a task that needs to be performed repeatedly, but for beginners to  this is a great opportunity to gain some resources and start trading and earn passive income from DEFI. 

Thanks Pipeflare!

Have you heared of Flanoswap? the up and coming DEX and Farming platform on Cardano?

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