Happy birthday cryptomonKeys!

Happy birthday cryptomonKeys!

​Wow! What a year! what a celebration!

 Just a little over a week ago the cryptomonKeys community, the Discord platform, the WAX blockchain, and cryptospace in general celebrated  the first anniversary of croptomonKeys! The Freely distributed, Joyfully collected, and lovingly celebrated Banano themed NFTs.

It has been an incredible year since the launch of the project with so many achievements that no one could have foreseen that this community driven project with no financial backing, no special pack presale or special tiers and blends would achieve. cryptomonKeys became one of the first projects to lead the WAX blockchain in transaction volume, several cryptomonKeys were sold in the highest paying auctions (at the time) for a single NFT , with over 30,000 USD being donated to charity. cryptomonKeys received multiple awards on the first  WAX blockchain NFT awards , the first NFT tip bot was created by the leading team,  the cryptomonKeys community took over an entire planet in the blockchain based game Alienworlds, and multiple other collaborations with other NFT projects happened. The list just goes on and on. 

Who wouldn't celebrate a year like that?

 The Celebration started earlier than expected with a surprise announcement on a special reward to dedicated collectors and community members who received the first ever cryptomonKeys pack! It continued with a special collaboration and airdrop by  Neon space who created a dedicated pack to celebrate the day.
The main event started with an announcement about the first of two (!) new card reveals for that the day , which are enough of a reason to celebrate.              85fd9157f482900ae8c68761b9dd2b4e73751a87e61a36fb0990121d53c2fcc8.png

 The discord cryptomonKeys server was ecstatic, the conversation was very hard to follow, Banano drops every few minutes, whether by the leading team or community members just spreading the love. 
Anyone, and it didn't matter if you were a first time visitor or a long time collector,  who attended the celebration had a chance at receiving a cryptomonKey NFT because the famous "Green wizard" , the world's first NFT tipping bot,  was sending them randomly to participants at the main channel of the discord server:

 But if you were a dedicated collector you left the celebrations with no less than three monKeypacks, each contains two NFTs, with a chance at receiving a #1 mint cryptomonKey!


 But until now you read a description that basically fits any cryptomonKeys event, because that's the nature of the project and the community, but on that celebratory day the core team behind cryptomonKeys have really brought the project to a new level with  the reveal of new features that I haven't seen in any other projects, features that were created with the thought of strengthening the community surrounding the project.

 The first was monKeyConnect , an online platform which shows in one dashboard the user's status in all of the different cryptomonKeys projects  = monKeymining, Discord rank, WAX account, BAN account, basically anything a dedicated cryptomonKeys collector would ever need. 

 The Second and most impressive development is monKeyMatching , which in simple words is a card trading game with the goal of owning a specified mint number. If the player manages to collect all the right mint numbers, he or she are rewarded with MNKY tokens which could be used to buy new cryptomonKeys NFTs. Simple game,  but it is so much more than that. It really adds to the "collectible" nature of the cryptomonKeys, it takes you back to the days in elementary school when you collected just about anything and negotiated trades with your friends. A welcomed side effect is that monKeyMatching forces you to interact with other members of the community and start talking to people you've never talked before, it develops trust between the community members because sometimes the only way to win in the game is to just "borrow" an  NFT for a few  moments  in an exchange for a higher value NFT as  collateral, and when the goal is met , the NFTs are traded back,   with the interacting community  members knowing that they can trust each other in future transactions. It's a wonderful thing. 

 It's really amazing how much cryptomonKeys have managed to achieve in one year.
I can't wait to see what's next. 

Happy one year anniversary cryptomonKeys! Thank you a for wonderfull year! 

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