Integrative ideas, decentralized governance participation, ecological understandings.

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Original sin  

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  Should I be jailed? Within the interstellar space, Trapped by the possibilities of geometry, With my many grievances  Expressed as nothing more than noise. My fate exposed Within those forbidden stars Testing the novel hypothesis, And probing prohi...

Some of the issues around modern food production

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Looking at the fundamental resources that provide the context terrestrial life (spoiler its soil); how do the dominant societal values negatively affect the prosperity of said resource and what shifts in values could stimulate growth/connection for t...

A Poem on Fungal Context

26 Aug 2019 1 minute read murdersintent $0.04 tipped

NOW you embody the Past expressed through a dried, ancient, immense intelligence. The fungus among us understand precisely how we came to be and where we can go. Your interaction features both trauma and the force beyond that is within.  OXIDE of th...

Current thoughts on makerdao communnity stuff

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  Catching up on current stuff, thoughts and responses to current discourse in makerdao community. Roughly half on governance facilitators, and half my conceptions of what scientific governance encompasses (especially relating to voting in any ratifi...


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A PRAYER TO WATER... within a defendable construct    Negligence of water based contexts reduces our society’s ability to clearly engage with observable realities. From the basic physiological requirement to larger ecological/geological/evolutionary...

Biological research relating to nexus community blockchain

25 Jul 2019 2 minute read murdersintent $0.18 tipped

Social inspired research of the fungal aspect. Secured through nexus’s blockchain based social architectures (still waiting on mainnet, meme applicable lol) . However much work can start now. I am looking to the community to decide what area(s) of fo...

Plant and Fungal Ancient relationship: Networks Essential for Growth.

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  Introducing some information informed regeneration tactics, evolutionary relationships between plants-fungi, and their importance to us: beginning with endomycorrhizal fungi, our rarely praised ubiquitous plant penetrating friends. Here I lay out s...

Reflections and responses on the necessity of a stablecoin for the Nexus ecosystem

17 Jul 2019 4 minute read murdersintent $0.29 tipped

For anyone in the nexus community who doesn't think we need to start pursuing a stablecoin construct now.   I appreciate the responses from people. I’m glad some see value in at least pursuing this in future. My access to technology is limited during...

A Missing Component of Risk Assessment in the Makerdao Ecosystem

5 Jul 2019 8 minute read murdersintent $0.69 tipped

From the foundation proposal:   “The Maker Governance Framework will be built on rigorously vetted, reproducible, scientific models created by experts with proven track records in the traditional finance space.” Traditional finance, traditionally, do...

Necessity of a stablecoin within the Nexus ecosystem: how can it realize it's potential without one?

20 Jun 2019 3 minute read murdersintent $1.07 tipped

      For a little while I have been trying to bring this issue to Nexus community members, yet few seem to grasp how essential a stable unit of account is for the adoption of blockchain technology. I believe this is a rather dangerous disposition th...