PREVIEW - Sharing Years of Searching and Learning In and Out of Crypto

PREVIEW - Sharing Years of Searching and Learning In and Out of Crypto

By HarmonyMedia | Fungal focus | 6 Sep 2021

INTRODUCTION - Sharing Years of Searching and Learning In and Out of Crypto

Technocracy represents a fundamental requirement of Imperial expansion in the modern age. The scientifically enabled domination of nature enables the extractive efficiency necessary to develop material/capital advantages to control groups.  Digital technology and its rapid consumption of society represents the latest instantiation of this paradigm. By controlling the nature of experience and communication through digital technology; technocratic elites created a controllable, abstracted version of reality. 

The promises and allures of digital infrastructure enamors all types of modern peoples. We all understand the benefits and wonders these networks enable. However In order to understand the present situation and not fall for illusionary rhetoric, we need to engage with foundational patterns of the Digital paradigm. My analysis here is certainly incomplete, but I believe it offers a somewhat fresh view that can contribute to all of us bothering to attempt to understand. 

Personally I found myself quite entranced by blockchain, this rapidly expanding financial accounting layer of the internet, combines many scientific/intellectual paradigms to create a novel system. For a young curious plastic mind the whole thing can be quite inspiring. 

The roots of the bitcoin community certainly established an anti establishment ethos. In 2017 this energy was still palpable in the whole crypto space (corporate energy dominates now). I never believed in the modern system, but as I learned more about the nitty gritty of the financial system and its dubious relationship to massive corruption, I felt a stronger attraction to this new power. 

At that point Bitcoin did not appear capable of preserving in the face of massive competition, so I initially spent most of my energy studying ethereum and its associated projects. This was sort of the first generation of Dapp projects.  The bigger names at that point were projects such as Augur (prediction market), Golem (computing marketplace) and Raiden (state channel scaling solution). MakerDao had not launched Single collateral dai (sai) and was still fairly underground, but the goals and ideas that the community engaged in were extremely compelling. My crypto journey started in earnest within that cauldron of intellectual bravado.  

This paper contains three parts:

The first highlights my jaunt to leading edges of the modern digital empire. Here I'll share my path through this world and the changes of my intellectual/emotional understanding of the Crypto paradigm. 

Part II digs into the meat of the intellectual research and knowledge around digital communication and some of the forces comprising digital empires , much of this research occurred simultaneously with my engagement in the Crypto space. 

Part III explores perspectives that focus on the role of communication in biological life. By cementing the fundamental importance of communication as a pattern in the universe we can better see the dangerous applications of digital technology in society. 


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