Three large groups ripe for DAOs.

By HarmonyMedia | Fungal focus | 22 Jun 2021

Despite my suspicious of digital technology (see some previous work) I do believe there are some use cases which could propel our culture into a new state of mind. The key advantages blockchain offers are an independent censorship resistant information network and the ability to raise capital. What types of organization need networks resistant to state attack and in need of capital? 

Heres a few opportunities I see for organizations to benefit from blockchain properties. Social organization is the broader theme. I dont love the digital takeover of society, but there are some ways I believe we can empowers individuals and groups who make quality contributions to move us closer to the light


Journalism is often a multinational enterprise involving sensitive information. Journalists who confront issues touchy to the ruling powers face financial censorship. Journalist also cross borders readily so seed phrases are easier to smuggle than other forms of value. 

I expect journalistic networks to delegate capital through a blockchain network in a dao or an informal treasury.  This way groups of researchers can transparently show budget and allocate money through a membership voting scheme.  I believe this model could make a big impact for independent journalistic collectives. Larger amounts of capital can be expended and leveraged in defi to help alleviate expenditures.  

They could also release material as NFTs and own rights to work as a collective. 

Low cost social governance infrastructure needs to be zero or very low cost. I would love suggestions for DAO infrastructure projects. In my search I haven't found anything quite usable enough yet, but it is coming. Aragon doesn't have a gasless solution yet and DAOstack hasent been super popular yet. Moloch doesn't seem to have a simple application yet for gasless social governance organization infrastructure.

Informal Finance

Social media esk informal lending platform. Track and facilitate lending in social groups custom and loose terms. For example used by parent to lend child money. Also composable with DAOs, so DAOs could lend to eachcother and have it tracked by a platform like this.

For instance a group of local farms could coagulate and decide to engage in loans and trade. With different types of farms and different seasonal cash flows these groups could help eachother out, build trust and even out seasonal cash flow issues. Debts could also be settled in any nonmonetary mode agreeable to the users, such as in tools, produce, or labor exchanges. 

Groups of lending circles should have adjustable levels of privacy. All user controlled not highly financialized. Unlike journalism. the informal lending market is probably preferable in cash. 


The primary reason for this would be to support independent researchers so they can raise for funds and securely collaborate with fellow researchers who are geographically disparate. Groups of independent scientists involved with specific research questions could work a a block under the auspices of a DAO (whether its formal or informal). This could allow them to monetize research findings (publish papers or other media forms of experiments as NFTs or in other creative ways on various crypto publishing platforms) and maintain transparency on expenditures. 

Instead of seeking fundraising on their own through grants, business revenue, or municipal support, individuals could team up and raise funds through one public organization. Eventually these organizations could apply themselves for federal or other academic grants. 

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