Revolut as a great tool to build wealth unnoticed #111Months

Revolut as a great tool to build wealth unnoticed #111Months

As can be seen in my last #111Month post, I have a great drive to build wealth in order to achieve the goal of early retirement at the age of 55. To achieve this goal I have defined action plans in several directions in place:

  • Pay off existing loans
  • Invest in a private pension plan to complement the government pension
  • Build liquid wealth through building a stock portfolio
  • Build liquid wealth through building a crypto-currency bag
  • Invest in projects (shares and crypto) that generate passive income

A big contributor and help to execute the action plans is Revolut. By having a Metal card membership, I have access to a lot of features helping me grow my liquid capital.

My favorite feature of Revolut is the vault;


The vault can be used in several ways. You can set up several accounts in the vault and than define different ways to fill them with currency.

In my view I have two vaults:

1. A $BTC vault

This vault is filled in two ways.

The first way is to fill it up with €2,- worth of BTC everyday. This is added to my vault level every single day.

The second way is to have all my purchases rounded up into full euro's and that value of this round up is immediately converted into $BTC and added to the vault.

The combination of these two has generated 0,12 $BTC in a year without myself noticing the money being deducted from my account as it happens gradually.

2. A $XRP vault

Having a metal card account also gives you the cash back feature. This means all purchases done in Europe will give you a cash back of 0,1% and the purchases in US will give you a cash back of 1.0%. By making my Revolut account the main spending account, it was possible to accumulate 89 $XRP by just spending money and getting cash back in the last year.


As the Crypto valuta is not stored in your own controlled crypto wallet, it is wise to convert this Crypto into Fiat once a while and converting it back into the original Crypto in your own controlled wallet. It is relatively quick to transfer money from Revolut to a crypto trade partner like LUNO or Coindesk (max 4 working hours)


Recently Revolut has also added (temporary) fee-less stock trading for their Metal customers, allowing us to use the money left at the end of the months and convert that into dividend paying stock in order to set up passive income.


Just to make it clear, I am not a sales person for Revolut, just a happy customer enjoying their range of services in order to achieve my #111months early retirement plan.

Maurice (Carapthian)
Maurice (Carapthian)


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