One year of steady Return on Investment (ROI)

By Maurice (Carapthian) | CITYUPTAKE | 21 Aug 2019

CITYUPTAKE is a community-driven project designed to maximize the crypto holder’s returns while minimizing risk. TRON’s Super Representative (SR) model of block rewards for voters makes this possible.

The combination of reliable daily SR rewards and the consistent weekly returns through the Trade Desk makes CITYUPTAKE a solid project for a strong ROI.

CITYUPTAKE is one of the few projects which actually benefits from the volatility of the TRON token. When the value of TRON decreases the professional trader operating the Trade Desk (Jason) takes it as an opportunity to bring higher gains to the Trade Desk:


CITYUPTAKE celebrated it's one year anniversary on July 14th and is one of the earliest projects on the TRON blockchain with its token ID of 1000080. During this year it has been bring consistent results:351665157-df2365f75cee616b9ff5b1fa33a672568d241eac1919f4a6fbf4f8a6bc30d9b1.jpegThe infographic above shows the rewards results months by months. The average weekly ROI on the amount of invested $TRX is 0,77%. Which means an annual ROI of 40,2%. If you would repurchase CITYUPTAKE tokens on a weekly based with the rewards, through compound interest, you could have achieved 49% return on investment.

For buying a CITYUPTAKE token, you have to pay 1,35 TRX if you buy it though an agent, with a minimum of 25.000 for first buy and 1000 for consecutive buys. Out of this, 1 TRX is backed by 1 TRX and used for achieving rewards through voting. 0,25 TRX is used to fill the Trade Desk and 0,1 TRX is used to cover the expenses of the agents.

There is however there is a secondary market on TWM where sometimes CITYUPTAKE tokens are offered for sales by existing holders. In August to date, the average price offered is 1,30 TRX. In case you purchase tokens here, make sure you hold at least 1000 and register in the CITYUPTAKE lounge in order to be applicable for daily voting- and weekly trade desk rewards.

If you would have purchased 100k CITYUPTAKE on year ago and than would have repurchased tokens with the given rewards, you would by now have a total of 150k CITYUPTAKE tokens.

Find out more at visit our Telegram channel: or visit us on FIO-social.

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Maurice (Carapthian)
Maurice (Carapthian)



CITYUPTAKE is a fee build service with a right to access goods, services, and content. Every CITYUPTAKE token is backed 1:1 with TRX. The additional purchase value provides access to TD rewards and Voting rewards

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