EOS Short or Long Term Entry

By Betsy Malone | 3rd Dog Script | 1 Sep 2020

Hey Guys,

I'm watching EOS closely today.  I think EOS has huge long term potential and currently a potential 20% on a short.  Check out the video on EOS is going to have a huge future! Here's why.  

Technical Analysis


EOS Daily Chart BitFinex

The long term downward trend line from 2018 crosses over the moving averages 20, 50, 100, and 200 at the blue support line/price 2.87.  A retest of that line would be an excellent place to enter a swing trade position.  The red resistance lines mark potential areas for a retest on the way back up.


We should see a retest around the price action 3.477 and a possible rejection.  The blue support lines are areas to watch if we get a pullback on the retest.  MACD needs one more (red patch) move downward and RSI is near 50.    

Happy Trading - 3rd Dog


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