Buy The Dips

By Betsy Malone | 3rd Dog Script | 23 May 2021

Hey guys,

What a week in crypto!  Hope you are staying safe.  I had to share some charts of my favorite cryptocurrencies and what I'm seeing on this major pullback as possible entry points or a place to add to your portfolio.     

Here are some favorable entry points for MIOTA, FIL, BAT, XLM. ETH, and BTC.  Please note this is not financial advice.  


0c00d7470745b9573a247360cacf6f97b03f4b270921da4576e5169fb84164ec.png     FIL  bd6ff80239aac0dab8e528feb053b589e20ee4ab7d27c8560c06a2d7772f4f1b.png   BAT 9c9a3a640754d9859705210fe6a6d8ff2ff9ad7cb5d450fe356e1804c8b67bba.png   XLM a17b77f1693a0aa324424cdda70989db8856e5c8f497c5d266d3b612fdf5dfea.png   ETH fee6de365aad4bfd2fa58bf4aeb7741df44a4991440d6f018941439aed5bef82.png   BTC abf365ff7fe05e18a1d1b2f8090dcf9660d02882de2028094a15bfb6f92427db.png   P.s I have zero #money to buy. If you feel inclined, you can tip based on this tip here: betsymalone.crypto #Crypto  


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Betsy Malone
Betsy Malone

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