Exercise against depression

By STAB1995 | How to get rid of pain | 5 Feb 2021

Worldwide, about 4% of people suffer from depression. 4%! That is really a lot. Did you already know that exercise can play a role in preventing or recovering from depression? We already knew that exercise is good for your body. I have explained this several times in my other posts, but a study by Axelsdóttir et al, 2020 shows that there is light evidence between exercise and lowering symptoms of depression.

For some people, depression is a barrier to being physically active, but by moving you will be able to influence this.

What is depression?
Depression is one of the more common and serious brain disorders. People with depression feel deeply and incessantly down and guilty. Pleasure is greatly reduced. Eating disorders and sleeping disorders can be added. And many interests can be diminished or completely gone. There is a risk of suicide in depression.

There can be several reasons for the development of depression. This can be genetic, but also malnutrition in the womb, neglect or abuse during early development. This increases the stress systems enormously and makes the stress systems work harder. Hormones can also play a big role. When something happens in the outside world that might make another person angry, this is where a person with depression may start to ''overreact''.

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What is the treatment?
The treatment of depression often comes in steps. Often someone goes to a psychologist to talk about the complaints. Advices can also be given here: for example about schedules and exercise. Antidepressants or other medications can also be prescribed by a doctor. So it is very important if you feel that way to talk to a specialist. In the Netherlands people also go to a physiotherapist when they experience depression. They will receive a referral from their GP for this. Here the patient can talk, relax and do exercises.

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Axelsdóttir, B., Biedilae, S., Sagatun, A., Nordheim, L., & Larun, L. (2020). Review: Exercise for depression in children and adolescents - a systematic review and meta-analysis, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 5.doi: 10.1111 / camh.12438.

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How to get rid of pain
How to get rid of pain

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