Sugarchain (SUGAR) - The fastest PoW blockchain.

By Crypto Mihawk | zoro_disciple | 20 May 2021

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Today I'm a little late, but I'll still talk about a very promising, underestimated and interesting coin. Being CPU mining is sure to attract the interest of those who like mining but don't have a GPU or even ASIC.

Sugarchain is PoW, the algo is YespowerSugar, CPU mining as mentioned, decentralized, one-CPU-vote, with supply of approximately 1.74B, no ICO, no premine and it's probably one of the fastest, if not the fastest blockchain coins in the world. This is not an exaggeration on my part because on the site there is a brief explanation of the transaction speed. 5 seconds is the transaction speed!

About one-CPU-vote is related to a proposal by Satoshi Nakamoto, guaranteeing resistance to GPU and ASIC.

Although that this was created only in 2019, it's a considerable amount of miners and the community has also established itself, countless people are involved with SUGAR. Unfortunately, prices are still not showing this and that is why I decided to bring this article to you.

It's clearly an opportunity for involvement whether for those looking for a chance to mine a satisfactory, balanced coin or even investment. When the community for a particular project starts to grow, the added value will naturally increase.

In less than 3 months the halving of SUGAR will happen and the current reward of 42.9 SUGAR per block will drop by half and the chance of getting more through mining or buying will decrease. Halving is significant for coins, where it allows for the chance of appreciation. Certainly the current price of 5/6 satoshi won't be sustained for long.

SUGAR is a great alternative for fast transactions at considerable speed and still considered a coin that can add value. Over the years, the aggregation of values will be demonstrated. The number of people and places that accept SUGAR will be considerable.

Well, I left my opinion and commented on the SUGAR specs. DYOR ever and trust only yourself to make any investment decision.

Below you will find links to access the site and the forum. On the site you can find information about github, wallets, miners, pools (there are many pools), exchanges, explorer, social and other information.



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