PakCoin (PAK) - A coin for Pakistani People and and for those who like Pakistan.

By Crypto Mihawk | zoro_disciple | 24 May 2021

Hi Folks!


I thought that today I'll not write any article, but I ended up being surprised to find this coin called PakCoin (PAK).

As the name suggests, PAK is a coin aimed at the Pakistani people and those like their culture or other things.

Of course, people who are interested in investing projects with strong community and devalued are naturally welcome, as well as anyone from another nationality.

PAK is PoS with algo scrypt and supply total 182M. Secure, descentralized and quick.

There was a 10% premine reserved for airdrop (finished) and the team. I won't go into the discussion of what is best about PoS and PoW. I believe that everyone knows the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Thinking of passive income, PoS is a better alternative at a lower cost. When it comes to opportunities, PoW is better.

Due to the fact that PAK is an old coin, the amount of coins in the hands of the team probably decreased and the people who participated in the airdrop some sold their coins. PAK prices are reasonably low compared to their potential. At Altmarkets the price is currently 23 sat.

There are other exchanges like Freiexchange and

An old coin will always have my attention and that of other people as well because it usually shows a consolidation of the team, strong community and usually an easy acceptance.

Time tends to mature things and this is no different with PAK despite showing to be a specific coin. Actually seeks to be everyone's and recognized as the Pakistani coin of all people as a store of value, sending and receiving payments and generations of services.

There are some projects like Adaigi for offline merchants who want to accept PAK as payment. Mubadil p2p exchange. There are two cloud staking services, Pakstakers and Staklet.Pakcoin. Ewallet is web wallet with online shopping payments options.

PAK by continuing to provide services naturally ends up generating value for itself and the community.

In resume, PAK is an alternative to a comfortable and safe passive income. Has values that are underestimated by the market, but maybe that will change one day. I hope you don't forget what I always write in the articles. DYOR ever and are responsible for their own decisions. Your time and money is no joke.

There are links below to the site, forum, wallet, github, explorer, social and more information about PAK and its partners.

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Crypto Mihawk

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