Magpiecoin (MGPC) - The Mineable CPU that will be successful.

By Crypto Mihawk | zoro_disciple | 19 May 2021

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I know that maybe this moment is not the right time to talk about Altcoins or other projects other than Bitcoin, but I can't miss the opportunity to talk about MagpieCoin.

Well, launched in March and with Algo YespowerMGPC, MagpieCoin is a mineable CPU PoW coin with approximately 68.9B of coins. For many, this amount is exaggerated, but if we analyze the current price, it's clear that MGPC has potential and I'll explain the details of this one.

Halving occurs every 420k blocks and the block time is 2 minutes. In other words, the amount in circulation will be limited quickly and the price will be less impacted by inflation.

The difficulty of the mining is not yet high and the prices on Finexbox are pleasant. With a good CPU, a large amount of MGPC is possible in a few hours. The number of miners in Rplant is also increasing.

The potential in the functions that will be attributed to MGPC which are integration with 2D/3D games where to play games with mining and/or purchase game equipment and the program that aims to assist undergraduates, postgraduates and faculties. This program to learn more, just contact the dev MGPC.

In short, the MGPC speech is "Make sure there is a mine. Because mankind's love for mining is endless." At least, I need to agree that it is fun and easy to mine this coin and with some possibilities for good surprises.

Access the thread on bitcointalk and discord there you can find some discussion about MGPC. In addition to details on how mining and miners for this is also available.

There will be some links below for more information such as github, wallets, explorer, social, pools, exchanges and also if you want to go deeper and find out more about MGPC the site is also available.

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