Do you know Bitocoin (BTO)?

By Crypto Mihawk | zoro_disciple | 23 May 2021

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Before I start talking about Bitocoin (BTO) I'd like to say one important thing. As everyone knows, I'm new to Publish0x and until now I have been publishing introductions and showing possibilities about old and new coins, but that doesn't mean that I'm giving advice or demanding that you make any move on top of these coins. DYOR ever and trust only yourself, thanks for understanding.

Now it's finally time to talk about this project. BTO is a PoW coin, with algo Scrypt and supply total of 100M. The reward block is 200 BTO, meaning fast mining. There is a premine of 5M where 3M was destined to public sale event that will be held in a few days in the VinDAX announce is here.

Regarding algo Scrypt to be mining with GPU for sure many people won't understand this because they know that ASIC has been in action for years on algo Scrypt, but the dev explained this situation and his words were to allow everyone the chance to mine, which is why the wallet has a miner inside, so can mine with CPU and GPU. There were many people who wanted something like BTC in terms of its value and fame, but they don't know much, so to give them a second chance they decided to create BTO. As long as the prices are not high and because we are at the beginning, the difficulty is not high, so it's possible to mining BTO smoothly as the BTO team launched an official pool for mining by ccminer or cgminer.

In relation to the 5% premine, it's probably a high value, but the team needs funds to develop and promote BTO. In case someone doesn't want mining because they think that ASIC will operate or that there is a premine used for sale. Just wait for the launch on the market, it'll probably be easy to get BTO, maybe the price will be lower or higher. My opinion about this premine is the following, as long as the BTO team doesn't pour its 2% share in the market and the sales result is not used irresponsibly, there are certainly no problems.

But the risk that it's not less because one of the reasons BTO exists is because it's a store of value, a new fact. BTC has a high value and is not accessible to many people, BTO has emerged as a new possibility.

In resume, BTO is a valid coin to try mining. Some people will prefer to invest. If you can't invest or mining. There is the possibility of obtaining BTO through airdrop that is being carried out on twitter including and on VinDAX itself.

I think I already said too much, now it's up to you, just do what is in your own interest and do a lot of research.

More information about technical dissusions, the possibilities with BTO, github, wallet, explorer, pool and social. Access the site and forum through the links below.


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Crypto Mihawk

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