BitCore (BTX) - A good alternative for secure payments.

By Crypto Mihawk | zoro_disciple | 21 May 2021

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Well, now I'll talk about BitCore and I believe that everyone has heard or read somewhere about this coin that was launched in 2017. Bitcoin holders claimed their BTXs that same year, for more details visit the site.

The reason I created this BTX article is to remember and show everyone a great alternative payment option.

BitCore is a PoW coin, no ICO, the algo is Mega-BTX where it resists FPGA mining expensive and makes easy for GPU and even CPU, the max supply is 21M and naturally BTX is decentralized with a fair distribution.

There is masternode and each is 2100 BTX. Half of the BTX generated is obtained by the masternode. There is an advantage to having one. Since BTX isn't an inflationary coin, if you have a chance to get more obviously it's better.

BTX has already cost approximately $40 due to the need to have an alternative to BTC. Today at XT.COM the price $0.5, being devalued.  

In relation to the value of BTX it's debatable and even the adoption by the people is also, but in relation to the form of sending and receiving secure payments certainly BTX isn't behind any project.

Transparency, the possibility of micropayments, accessibility and integrity are all characteristics that allow a vision that the value of BTX will increase. There are more facilities, but these are the highlights that deserve attention

The community is strong, the team is highly active, qualified and clear. So, with all those words said, I think I showed one positive side about relating to BTX . Remembering DYOR ever! You are solely responsible for your actions.

Below is the site link, where you can find exchanges, wallets, pools, github, socials, explorer, wiki BTX, even whitepaper and more information.

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