The Hidden Gem of Staking! - StakeCube
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The Hidden Gem of Staking! - StakeCube

By Zirbo | Zirbo | 4 Dec 2020

I can't remember the first time I heard about StakeCube, but I've known about it for a while now. The company is much less known than other staking providers, and a while ago I decided to try it out. I've been very happy with the platform so far, and today I'd like to take a closer look at who they are and what they exactly do.

So let's just jump right into it!

What is StakeCube?

StakeCube is a German based exchange and staking provider. The company was founded in 2018, and in the time since has build an impressive platform with many different features. From staking to mining, and a cryptocurrency exchange, StakeCube has a little bit of everything.


Even though the company isn't as big as some of the other well known staking providers, like MyCointainer for example, StakeCube has grown a lot since it's beginning and supports many different cryptocurrencies today!

How does it work?

With StakeCube you can stake many cryptocurrencies of course, but you're also able to earn interest on a few as well.

They pay 7.572% yearly interest on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Doge! This is one of the highest rates out there, higher than the base rates of Nexo and Celsius! Best of all. compound interest is paid out daily on your coins!

The same goes for staking. Payments are made throughout the day and continue to earn compounded interest immediately!

So how do you add your coins to the platform?

After you've created your account and you sign in for the first time, you'll automatically be taken to your wallet.


To add the currencies you want to stake to your wallet, click on the green + icon in the top right corner.

Now you'll be shown the full list of assets.


Select the coins you want to stake, and they'll be activated within your wallet.

Let's take a closer look at one of the coins.


So here is AllSafe for example.

From left to right we see:

  • The amount that we own.
  • The total amount in the staking pool, with our share below.
  • Then the total value in Bitcoin.
  • Then the buttons for deposits, withdrawing, and exchanging.

Clicking on the deposit button shows you your adress, and also a QR code.


Clicking on AllSafe in our wallet, will show us some more details.


This page gives you a complete overview of the coin. Your earnings, price changes, market information, and some general information.

Let's dig a little deeper and take a look at the details by clicking on the activity button at the top.


Now you can see all the details of how many payments you have received, down to the exact time and date!

And that's how simple it is to start staking/earning interest!

Now lets look at some of the other features of the platform.

StakeCube also has faucets that you can claim everyday! You don't get much, but what you earn immediately starts staking! If you're lucky you might be staking these coins anyway and the faucets are a nice bonus.


Another feature of StakeCube is the exchange. StakeCube has very low exchange fees, only 0,1%! In comparison the industry average is 0.25%.

Altough the interface for this isn't as smooth as it could be, it's pretty straightforward. You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin.


You can also mine cryptocurrency in two ways:

You can use the StakeCubeCoin webminer to earn SCC.


And you can buy hashpower with the SCC to mine Bitcoin and Dash.



StakeCube also has its own native token called the StakeCubeCoin or SSC. SSC is mostly used to reduce fees and increase interest rates for your earnings on the platform. Unfortunately you can't just simply hold SCC in your account to get these benefits, you have to set up a masternode, which is a little complicated.


I personally don't have the skills for this, but if you are someone with the knowledge to do this, you can try to follow their tutorials to help set it up for in their FAQ and StakeCube Academy.

If you're a non-technical crypto user like me, I would suggest to skip this. There are still some other benefits to SCC that will be useful to you.

What are the other benefits of SCC?

  • Earn interest on SCC.
  • Buy hashpower to mine Dash and Bitcoin on the platform.

You can earn SCC from the faucets and the webminer, but other than that you'll have to buy it through the exchange.

What assets are available?

At the moment there are 58 different cryptos available on StakeCube! An impressive list that includes well known names such as Pivx and Syscoin, but also much smaller coins like, DeepOnion and NavCoin. There's a little bit of everything!

You can check the full list of all coins and tokens here!

In the time that I have used StakeCube they've been really good at updating this list with more and more coins being added. One of the more recent additions is Ethereum, so StakeCube is pretty good at staying up to date with the latest crypto developments.

Users can also vote on what coins they would like to see added.


Fees and withdrawals

Almost all platforms charge fees of some kind, what about StakeCube?

  • StakeCube charges a flat 4% reward fee for staking currencies.
  • There are no fees for deposits, withdrawals or interest!
  • If you exchange cryptocurrency there is a 0.1% trading fee.

There are no minimums for deposits (with the exception of a few coins), but they do have have minimums for withdrawals. The minimum withdrawal changes for each currency, but never gets too high.

You can check the whole list of all fees and minimums here!

Ease of use

As of yet, StakeCube, doesn't require KYC! All you need to do to get started is create an account and confirm your email.

When you first get into your account, all the menu options might be a bit intimidating. StakeCube can be a little tough to figure out at first, and all of the information that you need might be buried in lots of menu options, but it doesn't take long to get used to.


The good thing is that they have a StakeCube academy to help explain everything to you. But if you're like me, you'll probably only ever deposit and withdraw coins from the platform, so you won't even have to look at that.


Some of the other features like crypto mining and setting up masternodes require some technical know-how that even with the tutorials can be hard to figure out.

On the whole though, I like the look and layout of the platform, and it quickly becomes easy to navigate. The website is modern and nicely designed!


When you're delegating your coins to a staking provider, the question is always: "how secure is it?"

How does StakeCube handle security?


In conclusion

StakeCube is a unique staking platform that sets itself apart with a large list of currencies, and the ability to earn interest on some coins at high interest rates.

It's many different features make it an interesting and attractive platform for users, and I look forward to seeing them continue to develop in the future!

The only real negative about StakeCube is its complexity sometimes. In the future it would be nice if they could simplify the masternodes and make it easier to use the benefits of SCC.

If you're interested in trying out Stakecube, please consider using my link to sign up and join my earning team, and we can earn together!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this article!




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